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Tips to Get the Most from your Mobile

This week has seen the 20th birthday of the text message and the average consumer now sends 50 messages a week and some might even argue that texting has super-ceded talking on your phone. However, as the old addage goes ‘talk is cheap’ and if we were to extend that modern times we might add ‘texting is not always cheap’. In fact it can be very expensive for what it is sometimes. So we have put together some birthday tips to help you keep the costs of phones down.

  • Look for alternatives
Texting is no longer the only way to communicate with your mobile that isn’t talking and it may be cheaper to connect to the internet and make use of your data plan to get your message sent. Maybe going on to Facebook and sending a message to someone inbox or logging on to Twitter and sending a quick tweet can do the job just as well.
  • Get a Package Deal
Many pay as you go services charge over the odds for text services and texts come in at 12p a pop on many networks. If you are our average user with 50 messages a week that would cost you £24 per month so it is better to get a fixed monthly contract that will cost you £10 and you can send up to 500 texts a month on many of these. Saving yourself £14 a month and getting some extra texts to send as a bonus!
  • Keep it Short
Be careful not to go over your character limit by only a few words as its false economy because you will pay the full price despite only using a small amount of space per text.
  • Check your Tariff
In the UK alone £6bn a year are wasted by people being on the wrong tariff. There are plenty of sites that offer phone bill comparisons against your usage and other providers so you can always keep up with which tariff is the best for you to be on at any time.
  • Look before you Travel
This is probably the biggest expense a phone user might encounter, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Data usage when you are overseas can become very, very expensive very quickly and you wont need to do much before your bill spirals out of control. A good example is that O2 charge 49p per text when you are overseas compared to the usual 12p if you are on pay as you go

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