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Free Technology-aided Money Management

Wise money management is always important and crucial in today’s economic climate. Technological aids to money management make financial goal-setting, budgeting, payment and bill management easier. There are a number of free apps, websites and also software with useful options…

Free Apps for Smart Phones

Toshl Finance – a mobile expense tracker available for iOS, Blackberry, Android, Nokia and Windows Phone.

Money Lover – notifies with on-screen alerts upcoming and unpaid bills, budget setting for individual categories over differing time periods, available for iOS and Android.

Bills – lots of features – on-screen alerts of upcoming and unpaid bills, budget setting for individual categories over differing time periods, statistics showing category chart, transaction trends and expense report, currency converter and interest rate calculator – available for iOS and Android.

In spite of all the speedier options available, paper cheques still remain a big part of money transfer. There are downloadable iPhone apps which help to bring cheques into the 21st century. Some banks offer a downloadable app which allows you to take a photo of both sides of your cheque and send a digital copy to them. PayPal also allows it’s users to deposit money using photographed cheques.

If you are reluctant to use your credit card online, PayPal is a good security option that supports direct access to bank accounts for payments and sending money.

Important purchases and loans will be affected if you haven’t built up a good credit score. It’s easy to check your credit score for free on The biggest thing you can do to improve your credit score is to pay your bills on time. Making recent timely payments accounts for 35% of your credit score. Next on your list should be using less of your available credit. This represents 30% of your score. Another 30% is awarded by how much of the credit available to you is used at one time. For a truly great credit score, you should aim to stay below 10% of credit utilization, maintain numerous lines of credit account – avoid closing existing accounts and acquire different types of credit including new credit.

Online banking provides a lot of options wherever you are at any time of the day. and are both free money management sites that will automatically import data from your banks and credit cards. They offer bill payment, money transfer and budgeting. – tracks and informs regarding lending and borrowing between friends, which includes a library of items available to be borrowed. – budgets, expenses, IOUs, recording of bank statements and credit card transactions. Expenses can be added through a computer or a mobile device. The basic plan is free, the Plus and Pro versions (unlimited accounts, budgets and bill reminders) can be used for a monthly fee. – a comprehensive online money management tool. The free version offers budgeting and recurring transactions reminders. The premium version includes an investment portfolio and customised reports.

Other websites include,, and

EasyBooks for OS X – record expenses – produces an automatic balance calculation and breakdown of financial status.

AceMoney Lite for Windows – record expenses, offers bill notification, report generation and spending analysis using graphs and charts.

Taking advantage of all that technology has to offer for free, can help us to manage our money more efficiently and effectively.

Hard Copies

If, like me, you are someone who likes to keep at least one set of hard copies for your records just in case of a software failure or a cloud service shuts down you take a look at these canon printers as they would be ideal for printing off all your documents.


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