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London Calling to the Faraway Towns

London Calling to the Faraway Towns

I have never understood why, when it comes to holidays, that so many are attracted to package holidays or destinations where you are knee-deep in tourists and compressed into a tiny strip of sand and hotels by the sea. I prefer to bathe myself in a different culture and rub shoulders with the ‘natives’. I also want to accomplish this at my own pace doing exactly what I want to do on my timetable.

I find many hotels cramped, impersonal and lacking in character. What I want is more space, privacy, a kitchen, freedom and the ability to have my family or friends with me.

I live in a small village in England and, consequently, anything outside this experience is a break from the norm. I have found that self-catering holidays are one of the most cost-effective and attractive ways to holiday. They also satisfy my desire to experience a different culture, coupled with an increase in living space, a kitchen and total freedom. All these advantages at a price considerably lower than a hotel.

London is a perfect destination for this type of holiday or short break. It is home to thousands of attractions including museums, galleries, parks, sporting venues, theatres, monuments, varied shopping experiences, restaurants, bars and clubs. I had always thought of a trip to London as far too expensive in terms of travel and accommodation, however, with travel as little as £10 return from Yorkshire offered by companies such as and around £28 per person per night with 2 sharing a studio flat from, this option is becoming increasingly popular to those with limited spending options.

There are a number of agencies that let flats and other accommodation. In terms of choice and price for vacation apartments to rent in London, I have found an excellent choice in terms of value for money. Other alternatives include and

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