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Web Design for the Embryo Business

Web Design for the Embryo Business

When outgoings exceed income the usual solution is to reduce outgoings to a sustainable level. However, the other obvious solution is to increase income. For a temporary fix we may consider utilising E bay, Amazon, Gumtree or other on-line sites to sell some of our surplus items.

Finding a longer term solution would include applying for a pay rise, securing a second job or starting a small business from home.

There was a time when creating a client base for a start-up business involved leaflet drops, a card in your local post office or cold calling. Now that we are in the 21st century, whatever your business, an internet presence is essential.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t know our JavaScript from our Flash and so creating a web page to promote our business becomes impossible without outside assistance. This becomes even more essential should the business idea involve selling through a website.

Recruiting the services of a specialist website company such as Net Chimp or Lab 99 will generate a price tag of a least £500 plus monthly maintenance costs. This figure can rise very quickly if our requirements are in any way more complicated than simply creating a presence on the internet.

A much more cost effective alternative exists in the form of companies that specialise in providing templates for you to drag and drop to create your own website. This is an ideal solution for those with a limited budget and a little computer know-how. Once completed the finished product is indistinguishable to most customers from a website created from scratch by a specialist website designer.

Probably the most intuitive and easiest for beginners is website creator from 123 Reg but other possibilities include and All of these companies offer a free page for those with their own domain name but with a very limited design choice. For less than £5 per month a wide choice of designs are available plus the option of using the website to take payments online.

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