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UK Tourism & Enjoying a Staycation

I cam across this infographic and the timing couldn’t have been better. I am set to take my family on a holiday in the UK later this month and we are big fans of UK tourism – or “staycations” as I am reliably informed they are called! We have two young kids and so we find staying in the UK for holidays takes out a great deal of the hassle of travelling abroad.

Not only is it less hassle it makes having a holiday away so much cheaper. There is no flight costs, not expensive hotels, no need for meals out at restaurants every night. If you like camping then you already know how much money can be saved and you can still have a great time. We prefer to share the cost with extended family and rent somewhere really big with plenty of indoor and outdoor space and the joy of the holiday comes from being around the people we love for a concentrated amount of time and doing things together rather than spending money we don’t have on (some) things we don’t need.

We are also doing the economy a favour as you can see below the UK tourism industry makes up almost 10% of the UK’s GDP. Ok, we don’t bring in the tourists like the Royal Family but we aren’t far off! Enjoy the stats below!

Growth of UK Tourism

Infographic by Rent My Cottage