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Getting the Most out of eBay

Below are a few ways of getting the most out of bargain hunting with eBay. Of course, don’t make the mistake of assuming that eBay is always the cheapest. It is worth checking Amazon prices and, perhaps, a couple of price comparison websites.

There are many eBay items that have been misspelled. These items are often missed because a search doesn’t catch poorly spelled items. Use Fatfingers or BargainChecker search tools to help find these items.

Items that are collection only will usually only attract local bidders and so can sell for far less that the same product available for delivery. Use the free Local eBay Deals Mapper tool to help you find local collection only items.

Other on-line assistance can be found by using Lastminute Auction that will track down items for less than £1 due to finish within an hour whilst the Zero Bids tool will find items due to finish without any bidders.

It is worth checking the price that your chosen item usually fetches. Tick the ‘completed items’ with your search for recently completed sales (price is green, red means it didn’t sell).

There are ‘sniping’ tools available that will insert your maximum bid in the last 10 seconds. The advantages to doing this are, firstly, it prevents you getting caught up in a bidding war. Secondly it prevents an early price war with another bidder that could push the final price up. These ‘sniping’ tools are unreliable – especially if other bidders are using the same approach. For the tool to work you will need to give them your eBay password which, potentially, could be unsafe. and Gixen both provide this service.

Some buy-it-now sellers or sellers with a high list price and no bidders may be prepared to haggle. You can make the offer through the ‘ask a question’ option.

Auctions ending in the early hours of the morning will get less last minute action and so may sell for much less.

Use Paypal to complete your purchase so that you are covered by eBay’s Buyer Protection scheme. You can spend your spare cash on some Foxy Bingo!