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Simple Forex Strategies for Emerging Market Currencies

Do you need help with your forex strategies? Starting out in the world of Foreign Exchange can be daunting, particularly in the world of emerging markets where chaotic fluctuations in currency value come thick and fast. Additionally, the inherent risk of investing makes not being in the know more dangerous than it should be, so to help you avoid any problems, we’ve created this guide to simple forex strategies for emerging market currencies. Take advantage and you could make a strong forex investment.


Fundamental Market Factors

Emerging Markets are generally those territories which are developing rapidly due to global exporting of commodities such as oil, metals, and minerals. What makes these materials valuable is that they’re particularly rare, and this can lead to problems such as pirating, theft and worse, making their production a dangerous business. These fundamental problems can have a significant impact on the price of the commodities, because if they become harder to extract and produce, their value increases. If those commodities are exported at the same rate as when they were easier to increase, the GDP of the exporting nation will grow. As a forex trader, knowing how the value of the products which the emerging market produces changes is key to picking the right currency pair.


Managing Risk

The chaotic nature of emerging markets means that you can never guarantee a gain on your investment. It’s therefore important to know how to limit risk to ensure you’re never caught out. The best way to do that is to set investment limits. This requires two things: first, having a cushion of capital so that if your investment turns sour, you won’t lose out; second, a trend ceiling so that you close your position at the optimum time, as fluctuations in the market could cause you to lose out if you don’t set boundaries.


Psychological Pitfalls

People are emotional animals who can get attached to what they believe in. This could be potentially dangerous when it comes to investing in emerging markets because of their volatility. Therefore, if fundamental factors and trend analysis suggest that your investment is about to collapse, don’t stick with it – let it go. There’s no point getting attached to something which is going to fail you.


Trading Platforms

The trading platform you use is vital to being a successful trader in emerging markets, because it provides you with the charting tools you need to make accurate predictions about your investments. Some platforms like the one offered by Alpari have extra features such as a mobile app which lets you make trades on the go, and a social trading networks so you can share your ideas about how to be successful in the volatile landscape of emerging markets.


Practice Makes Perfect

Ultimately, you’re not going to be perfect at trading currencies in emerging markets – nobody is. They’re too extreme and chaotic for any one trader to have a 100% success rate, but by adopting some of the practices above, you should at least be able to limit the inherent risk which this form of investing is prone to. So try them out first in less treacherous waters, you’ll be surprised by the effect they have on your success.