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The Perfect Job Interview: How To Be Fully Prepared

The moment has come! You’ve just scored an interview for the job of your dreams. You can now take a breather and congratulate yourself- no doubt you’ve worked hard to get to this stage in your career. As the excitement wears off, the anxiety kicks in and your mind starts analysing scenarios in your head. What are they going to ask? What if I fumble my words? Am I really qualified for this? These are all questions that start plaguing your mind because you know all the advice books and blogs in the world can’t fully prepare you for what’s about to take place. Every interview is much different than the next and each interviewer has their own process. Despite this, there are some general tips that ensure you possess the basic framework for acing your job interview.

Research the Business and the Industry

Sometimes companies are a bit ambiguous; their job advertisement doesn’t give away too much and their website is much the same. You aren’t really sure what they do, so you need to get a little crafty and find out. Knowledge is power, so research as much as you can into the industry and what role they play in it. Don’t be afraid to ask their human resources manage to send you though a full role description and a company profile, it shows that you care about being prepared for your interview. If needed, brush up on your skills by completing an industry course via organisations like Axcelerate, your newfound skills will give you that competitive edge.

Practice Answers to the Most Common Interview Questions

Sometimes, interviewers surprise you with the oddest questions. In fact, at my own company, they ask candidates: What is the soundtrack to your life? What event – past, present or future –would you like to be present for? And the Google favourite, you’re shrunken down to the size of nickels and dropped to the bottom of a blender, what do you do? While you can’t exactly be prepared for these questions, you can be for the necessary questions like why did you want to apply? And why do you think you will be great for this role?

Prepare At Least Five Questions

At the end of the interview, your potential employer without a doubt will always ask, do you have any questions? If the reply is no, then you may have just wasted a golden opportunity. This is your chance to figure out whether this company is the right fit for you. Prepare at least five questions, and take mental notes of other ones as they pop up during the interview.

Take A Test Drive

Is the interview in an area unknown to you? If you have the time take a test drive out there to determine how long it take to arrive. The last thing you want is to be late because you didn’t factor in peak hour traffic.

Give Yourself a Pep Rally Before You Head In

Confidence is one of the keys to succeeding in an interview. If you lack it, your interviewer will notice. Do whatever you can to build up your confidence before you go in; it might be spending the day before getting your hair looking perfect, or buying that new interview outfit. Or it might be playing your favourite song on the drive over for that little pick-me-up.