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Here’s Why The Internet Has Made It Twice As Likely That You’ll Be Robbed

The integration of the internet into our daily lives has changed the world as we know it. It’s had a huge impact on every part of our lives. From how we do our food shops to the ways in which we earn money – because of one new resource everything has changed. In many ways, the internet and has made life much easier and more convenient. It’s enabled us to shop from home, book appointments with the click of a button, and work from anywhere, among other things. There’s no doubting that it’s an amazing and highly useful resource that we would be lost without.

That being said, while the internet has its perks, there’s a darker side to it. The internet has doubled, if not tripled, crime rates and created a whole new crime type – cyber crime. Last year alone, 15 million was stolen online. The fact is in the internet age it’s not just about covering your pin number at cash points anymore. There’s so much more that you need to do to protect yourself and your finances. To reduce your chances of being the target of cyber crime, you need to know how you could be targeted. As well as how you can protect yourself and your finances.

Using unsecured websites to shop

The fact is not all websites are safe to shop on. You may not realize it, but not all sites are secure. This means that when you type in your card details to make a purchase, you could end up having your details stolen. This could either be when making your purchase or if you opt to save your card details on the website. This is something that you should never do, as it puts you at even higher risk of cyber crime. A handy trick for determining if a site is safe is to look at the URL. It should start with ‘https’ not ‘http’ – the ‘s’ stands for secure and means the site is using a secure connection. It’s also worth looking for the ‘lock’ icon when shopping online, as this means that the site is safe to shop on.

Not having the right protection in place

We all know how important having computer security in place to prevent viruses entering your hard drive. However, what a lot of people don’t think about is having protection for identity theft in place. If you want to ensure that you have adequate fraud protection when shopping online or online banking, you need to have the right software in place. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself at risk of becoming the victim of cyber crime. The programs on offer are highly advanced and come with all sorts of useful features. These include the option of insurance that will replace any funds that you lose through cyber crime.

Failing to monitor your bank accounts

Sometimes, we’re the victims of cyber crime, and we don’t even realize it. You see, a lot of people fail to monitor their bank accounts. This means that they don’t always notice when something isn’t right, or a transaction appears that they didn’t make. Once a day, check your bank account to ensure that everything is as it should be. An easy way to do this is via a mobile banking app. Of course, mobile banking has been the cause of many cyber crimes because many of us don’t have adequate security in place. However, all smartphones come with a coded lock; many also have fingerprint scanners to make it even easier to protect yourself. As well as having a code on your phone itself, add a different one to any banking apps. That way, should your phone get stolen, you’ve got a better chance of preventing the thieves from gaining access to your bank account.

The truth is we couldn’t live without the internet. It has made almost every part of modern life easier and more convenient. It’s a fantastic resource that comes with so many opportunities. However, there is the issue of cyber crime and the impact that it’s having. While all cyber crime can’t be stopped, as thieves always manage to find new methods, you can protect yourself.

Take the tips and advice above on board and implement them. Be smart about where you shop online and where you save your personal details. Take the time to check a website out before using it. Monitor your bank accounts to ensure that any transactions that you didn’t make are noticed. Cyber crime might be hard to beat, but you can protect yourself.