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The Steps to Take If You Have Been Injured in a Car Accident

So many accidents occur in the country each day and each week. A lot of them involve cars colliding with homes or property. The rest will involve cars colliding into each other, though. These can obviously lead to injury, disability and in the worst case, be fatal. If you have been involved in a car accident, then there are some things that you should be doing. If you haven’t, then read on. It is better to know what to do and to be safe than sorry.



The first thing to do is to stop. Never drive away or move the vehicle immediately. You might be in the middle of the road, but things have to be dealt with how they are. Moving the car could cause more damage to the vehicle, yourself, or a passenger. So deal with things before moving on. Even if you just have a minor bump, you should still stop and assess the situation. If another car is involved, then speaking to the other driver is key too.

Make an Accurate Record

When it comes to dealing with your insurers, you need to have an accurate record of what happened. If you have a camera phone with you, then taking pictures is key. Record damage to your vehicle, the other vehicle, how the cars are left, and any visible injuries. Then you need to exchange information with the other driver, if there was one involved. You will need their name and address details, as well as their insurer’s details. Getting their car details, like the license plate number is a good idea too. If the other driver is not being compliant, then you are well within your rights to call for the police. They will come and help you in the situation.

Call Emergency Contacts

If you are by yourself, it is a good idea to call someone to come and help you. They may need to help you tow your vehicle or give you a ride. It is a good idea to call family or friends to let them know about the situation too. Depending on when you had the accident, it might be a good idea to call your employer, if necessary. You might need to be off work for a while, particularly if you have an injury. With extreme injuries, you might not be able to return to your job. So giving your employer a head’s up of the situation, as soon as possible, is a good idea. In cases like that, you may need to look into disability benefits. It is worth consulting with a medical professional and an attorney, though.

Deal with Insurers

When you have been checked out, and everything is good to go, you should call your insurer right away. They can help you to deal with the situation and get any claim up and running. They will need the other parties details, if relevant, and they can take it from there. So don’t leave it too long to get in touch with them.