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Savvy Ways To Save Money


If your outgoings seem to be getting out of control, despite only buying what you need – it’s time to take a proactive approach to keeping more of your hard earned cash. Follow these tips to save money, and you might even be able to afford that holiday you’ve been hoping for!

  1.    Turn down the heat

Central heating can be a massive drain on our finances, but did you know that turning it down by just one or two degrees can save you quite a bit of cash? You probably won’t even feel the difference – but your bank manager will!

  1.    Keep an eye on your electricity usage

Are you frequently horrified by the massive bill that comes through every month? You’re probably using more electricity than you think. That TV you’ve left on standby is costing you money, and so are the lights that are on when no one is using a room – so make a point of turning things off when you’re not using them. You can even get a monitor installed that shows you exactly how much electricity you are using – this can be a great way of being more mindful and help you to budget for your next bill.

  1.    Shop around

Don’t use the first energy supplier you come across: use specialist sites to compare prices and make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal. Don’t pay full price for your wardrobe, check out sites like to make sure you’re getting what you want at competitive rates.

  1.    Consolidate debts

If you have a lot of personal debt like credit cards and loans, you could be paying way over the odds for interest on every single item. Find out about personal loans with the best rates of interest to convert your debts into one manageable monthly repayment – it will be less confusing as well as saving you money!

  1.    Play swapsies

Making swaps can save you lots of cash while still getting everything you need. Swap your shop bought sandwich for a packed lunch made at home. If you smoke and are finding it too hard to quit, swap your cigarettes for a vaping device. Vaping costs a fraction of the price of smoking – you can literally save hundreds of dollars by converting. Swap your bottled water for a drink from the tap for free refreshment, and make your own coffee instead of visiting your local coffee bar every day. Be creative with playing swapsies – and you could save an absolute fortune!

Saving money is all about being organised. Don’t go shopping without planning what you are going to buy and where, and never go to get the groceries with a rumbling stomach: you will end up spending loads on snacks and treats that you didn’t even want. If you’ve saved as much as you can but you still don’t have as much cash in your pocket as you’d like, find out in this article how you can earn more money. Save your cash now so that tomorrow looks much brighter – you won’t regret it!