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Upgrading Your Home For Cheap Before You Sell It

The investment game always brings up the appeal of investing in a property, and for very good reason. The right property will be a nest egg, the gift that keeps on giving, and if you can find the right property to build up and sell on, then you should take the opportunity. But what about properties that require a bit more care and attention? Many modern houses don’t require much “sprucing up,” but the older houses are draftier and need more than a lick of paint. The modern markets are much savvier when it comes to finding what they want, and by giving your old home a modern twist, it is likelier to get the right kind of attention. If you need to sell a property on, and soon, what is the bare minimum you can do to get it presentable and profitable?

The Exterior


The majority of decisions are made based on face value, and this doesn’t apply more to a situation than when someone is buying a house. The fact is that 9 times out of 10, we have already made up our minds before we have entered the front door. The two parts that make up the exterior parts of the property are the house itself and the garden. It is very important to make sure a garden is a well-maintained part of the house. A lot of potential house buyers look to the garden as the final reason to go for the home, and this especially applies to people looking to start or expand their family. The modern garden consists of a decent patch of grass and raised decking, which will lend itself to a garden party or a barbecue. It does all depend on the space you have to play with, if you are trying to get the most out of a small garden space, investing in plants and small outdoor seating, like a mini bench, will increase the coziness. Lighting is also another idea to bring in the modernity factor. There are affordable garden lamps that add a wonderful hue to summer evenings.

The house exterior needs to be all about being energy efficient. Windows and doors need to either be UPVC or double glazing to keep the heat inside during the winter, and when doing a paint job on the house, the more neutral the colors, the better. A lime green colored house stands out, but for all the wrong reasons. If your property doesn’t retain heat very well, you will need to examine the whole of the exterior for any potential cracks. If the house is made of material like weatherboard, you may need to replace some of the panels. If the house is made of brick and has been standing for more than 25 years, you will need to fill in some of the small gaps with fresh mortar.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

This is a big thing for modern properties. There are various ways of making the house better when it comes to retaining heat (like the aforementioned windows and doors), and one way to make the most of reducing the home’s overall carbon footprint is to think about the types of fuel and costs of the fuel that the house will benefit most from. There is a lot of talk about things like solar power, and you can easily invest in some solar panels to place on the property roof, but this can be an eyesore for potential buyers. Look online for ideas of a great investment and to keep up to date on the latest in the changing world of energy and renewables. But if you are looking for cheap ideas to make the property energy efficient, then making sure the home is weatherproofed inside using sealant and insulating the attic to retain more heat really helps. But you can also make sure the appliances are as environmentally friendly and minimize energy wastage. The contemporary heating systems are cheap and easy to install and are built for the purpose of reducing energy output, and this applies to the water system and the electrics too. Having a home that helps to save people money on their energy bills is a big selling point.

Upgrades And Repairs

There are many little upgrades and tweaks to make to a home to give it a more appealing image. When people look at the little things in a property, it makes a big impact. Something like damp can be a big speller of trouble for many, and if there is one trouble area, issues such as damp can be a precursor to other problems. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, then you need to find a way to keep the room well-ventilated. Mold, grime, or mildew is very difficult to remove when build-up occurs in areas that are not out in the open or in hard to reach places. It is a similar task in the kitchen, if you have an extractor fan above the cooker, you should make sure that the fan is clean and looks like new. Many people may not be swayed by a fancy granite worktop or brand new steel appliances, and all they may be interested in is a well-presented kitchen area.

As an investment, a prospective home can be viewed as big shoes to fill. There are so many things you can do to make a house look like new and the temptation to overhaul the space and to make it gleaming with everything fresh and up to date is there. However, for a potential home buyer, this can be a turn-off for two reasons. First, it may signal alarm bells because they might feel that it could be out of their price range, and second, the house could be too perfect. In other words, they feel unable to make their own mark on the house, with their own styles and tastes. It is a fine balance of making an investable home a presentable blueprint. A house that is stylish and modern, but is also enough of a blank canvas for potential buyers to make their own.