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Unexpected Ways You Can Fall Into Financial Difficulties

Most people have their financial circumstances under control, but only to the point that satisfies their current lifestyle. With all the best intentions in the world, you can not foresee those unexpected financial difficulties that can spring up at any time. Would you be able to handle those difficulties, if they were to arise? Below we outline some of more common ways people can suddenly find themselves not being able to make ends meet.


Employment Issues

In the old days, a job was for life. Today? Not so much. It doesn’t matter what your industry is, you’ll always be at risk of having your employment status being compromised. And with the rise of automation, it’s a matter that more and more people will have to deal with in the coming decades. When a paycheck is reduced or eliminated entirely, people tend to use credit instead of aggressively attacking their problem, which can cause problems very quickly.

A Trip to the Hospital

Your ability to make money will rest, to varying degrees, on your ability to be of sound body and mind, and to actually do the job you’re employed to do. What, then, if you suffer a personal injury and have to spend a lengthy period of time recovering in the hospital? A long term injury could cost you your livelihood altogether (say, if you’re a mechanic and suffer a bad hand injury). Before you can get back to your previous levels of income, you’ll have to retrain in a new job.

A New Member in the Family

It is wise to really consider whether you can afford to have a baby before doing so, because they are expensive to raise. On average, you’ll be spending close to $25,000 over the first two years of the baby’s life. That’s a big chunk of money whichever way you look at it, and it’ll feel all the bigger if the baby is unexpected and you’re not properly prepared.

The Economy

The sinister thing about an economic depression is that it can affect anyone. Even if you’ve worked hard all your life, paid all the bills right on time, you can still end up in a situation that you had never expected. These things do have a habit of repeating themselves, so the 2008 crash will repeat itself in the future. Take a read of how you can prepare yourself against a stock market collapse – and hope for the best.

The Big Fix

Your car or home will one day need an urgent repair that you’ll have to pay there and then. However, nearly half of Americans would struggle to find $400 if they needed it in an emergency. And they turn to credit, struggling to pay it back all the while. You can make sure that the big fixes doesn’t cripple your finances by starting a savings account and regularly topping it up. Even a little bit each week soon adds up to a healthy amount, and might one day make the difference between financial security and oblivion.