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One Of The Best Ways To Save Cash? Take Care Of Your Self!

If you are looking to save money – good for you! More people should be saving cash and it’s a great thing to do – not just for your financial security, but for your future! Putting money away is never a bad idea. One of the main rules of saving cash, though is to never save when you are in debt. Why is that? Well because when you save money, you usually save cash in a bank account that pays you a small amount of interest based on the money saved in the account. The interest on any debt you have is usually higher (usually a high multiplication on any interest level of savings, in fact). What this means is that when you save money instead of paying debts, you’re losing money overall on the interest of the debts, and thus losing money. Paying debts off as quick as possible will reduce the interest gained on debts and allow you to save money quicker.


This can also be applied to other things. We consider debt a negative thing, so what about other negatives? Stress, bad health, legal issues? In their own way, these things take their toll – both in terms of health and stability, but also financially.

Think of medicine. Health insurance costs money, and if you live in a country without healthcare policies, you can expect to be charged through the roof for any medical care that you need – especially in the case of surgery which could rack up a five-figure bill. Even in countries with healthcare, prescriptions to medicine still cost money. In some cases, medical care cannot be avoided. That means that in some cases, costs cannot be avoided. There are two big options here – the first is to try to acquire a health insurance policy, which could come through a monthly plan or through your place of work. This cost will save money in the long run.


The other option? It is to try and stay as healthy as possible. This is easier said than done, but conditions exacerbated by bad health – such as high blood pressure, heart disease, mobility issues and breathing problems can lead to big costs. It is better to avoid them, no? The same goes for stress. Stress is going to exacerbate any health issues – so learning to cope and deal with stress will help your health and likely end up saving you a pretty penny. Looking after your interests is also key, so if you have suffered as a result of workplace negligence or injury, it is always worth speaking to personal injury lawyers. Keeping an eye on legal situations is one way to look after yourself that isn’t exactly typical as you could stand to benefit in the form of compensation.

Taking care of yourself does more than save you money, it saves your life and happiness. Two things that you can’t buy! That being said, if you are saving money – your poor health might open a hole that will drain your savings out!