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A Guide To Living In Two Places For Students

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There is something strange about the way people are forced to live during their student days.

In one sense, you’ve left home. You’ve flown the nest. You’re now responsible for making sure you go where you are meant to, you cook your own food, and keep your own schedule. You can revel in the freedom of being able to stay up until 4am if you so desire. You have your own personal space and you have to deal with bills and organise yourself.

On the other hand… it’s temporary. Few people finish university and then immediately move into their own home. For most of us, it’s get the degree and then head back to our parents while we figure out the next step.

It’s a strange way of living; sort of living in two places, but never being fully grounded in either. It might be a few years before you can set up a home of your own, so in the mean time, you have to make do with this half-in-half-out scenario. And you have to do it while studying for the most important qualification of your life to date! Thankfully, there’s a few ways of making it easier on yourself.

  1. Centralise Your Post

You can quickly see yourself to financial disaster if you use two addresses for all postal deliveries. You can be at one location, and a vital letter gets delivered to your other abode. If you miss it, you could end up in a lot of trouble. It therefore makes sense to centralise your post and only have it delivered to one address, or use a mail box service to do it for you.

  1. Plan Your Trips Home

To allow yourself to feel more grounded and settle in properly, only allow yourself to take a trip home when you have planned it. While your parents’ home will always be your bolt hole, it’s important to try and find a sense of independence. That means that if you have a bad day, you have to learn to console yourself and cope with it. Obviously if it’s a really bad day and only home cooking will do, you always have the option to go home – but try and fight the urge at every opportunity.

  1. Keep Separate Clothes

Say you take a trip home for the weekend. You’re going out as a family and you know exactly what you want to wear… and it’s sitting in your university wardrobe, potentially hundreds of miles away.

Separate your clothes into the two locations, ensuring that you’ve covered all the bases in terms of having the right outfits for each occasion. This way there’s no confusion, and you don’t find yourself in one place and needed an outfit that resides in the other. Of course, this does mean that you can’t do the classic “taking your laundry home for your parents to do” – but that’s the cost of independence!

  1. Let Friends and Family Know Where You Are

Every time you move from one location to the other, change status settings on WhatsApp and Facebook; switch your Twitter profile. That way, your friends and family will always know where you are and how best to contact you.

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