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Managing A Home Can Be Child’s Play


Remember being a young child and spending hours playing with your favorite toy? Both boys and girls enjoyed inventing stories with their friends.

A common girls game would be with their dolls houses. Making furniture out of household items like old pill boxes, covering them to make a bed, and using pieces of old material to make curtains. Hours would be spent pretending to be a grown-up, with a plastic doll cooking in the kitchen made from cereal boxes, while the man of the house went out to work in his car made from a used egg box with bottle lids for wheels.

A favorite boys game would be making dens in the garden and taking a boxful of their favorite toys to play inside with. They would ask Mom for snacks to eat, and pretend they lived in a cave out in the wilderness.

Those play days are gone, and real life has taken hold.

Education successfully leads us into our stable job. We then make a big decision as to where we want to live. – Buy, rent or find some land for sale and build your real life den?

Imagine designing your own dolls house, but with the added luxuries that were not present in the plastic 1-foot tall house that was once filled with empty cartons and floral tissue paper.

Perhaps a huge brick fireplace with a crackling fire, or a modern design consisting of split levels and a bedroom that opens out onto decking. Whatever your design, you will strive to create a home that can endure the pressures of normal life, yet provides a safe and calm atmosphere for you and your family.


Once all has been considered, we move to – or build, the home of our dreams, then endure bills that need to be paid, cars to run and a never ending routine of house cleaning, grass cutting and hanging clothes out (when we have a sunny day to take advantage of!)

Take a time out

One thing that is important for us to be able to do amidst the many chores that are timetabled into our busy lives, is to relax.  

The home should be a place for relaxation and comfort, just like the dolls houses we played with when we were kids. We decorate them to suit our style and furnish tastefully showing personality and taste. Just like when we were young, but with real responsibility this time.

Don’t lose your inner child

For many of us, life can be a struggle, admittedly with pleasures on the way, but they come a few and far between. To enjoy a life where dolls houses and dens were once just childhood play, we should make more time to appreciate and enjoy the free things in life. – A walk through the woods, enjoying nature, crispy sun warmed golden leaves, and a purple blanket of bluebells.  

Who knows, you may be lucky enough to see a family of foxes frolicking in the sun, with their den close by – their home and comfort.

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