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How To Make Ends Meet As A Freelancer

Freelance life can be extremely flexible, rewarding and a great way to enjoy a full-time income, or as a way to boost a part-time income. However, there are plenty of cash worries when it comes to freelancing, namely that there may not be much of a regular paycheck – that would be a guarantee of a normal job. Sometimes, Freelancers will find that making ends meet might be just as much as a full-time role as anything else. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to cash and freelancing – and that it might be very hard to make ends meet on the odd occassion.

Freelancing doesn’t often guarantee a monthly paycheck of the same amount – each and every month. Some people might not pay on time, other times you’ll lose work – and you’ll gain work. What stays the time? The fact that you might not be able to predict how much you’ll actually get in your bank account in a given month.

Why don’t people pay? Sometimes, it might be because they don’t want to. Parting with cash can be a hard thing to do – even if it’s the right thing to do. Most of the time it is because the client forgot – so remind them. Stick payment terms in your invoices and charge interest for serious cases – as you’ll be put out of pocket. Don’t be afraid to follow up to ensure ends meet. You need that invoice paid.


Freelancers can get caught out with cash. A freelance income can be very hard to project from time to time, especially if people do not pay on time. You can get ideas at Captain Cash and other sites to ensure you know what to do if you’re looking short for a month. This might be a regular occurrence as a freelancer, but don’t be scared – as long as you deal with any shortages in cash sensibly, you’ll avoid getting dragged down into the type of debts that will eat into you pay on a regular basis.

You might find yourself using a credit card as well. This is fine, but make sure you pay off your racked up debt as fast as possible as it can be crushing. If you don’t, you’ll wreck your credit rating, you’ll build interest and you’ll make life a little bit harder for yourself.   

Workers and freelancers in a creative industry like design or writing, or even journalism might seek to make patrons of their following via a site like Patreon which offers a following a chance to help support a creator. It can’t be relied on, but many creatives have made a full-time income off of a successful Patreon, as long as they find a way to reward their following.

How to make ends meet? Don’t be afraid to build up a little debt if you’re going to pay it off, don’t be afraid to chase up clients who haven’t paid – and don’t be afraid to take legal action in severe circumstances. Simply put, don’t be afraid – you’ll make ends meet!