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7 Effective Ways To Get Cheaper Car Insurance


There’s no getting around the fact, as a car driver you need to be insured. You will face enormous fines and prison time if you don’t. Of course, being insured will provide you with a financial safety net in the event of an accident, so it is in your best interests to get covered. However, finding the right car insurance can be a minefield. To help you get value for money, we have some great advice for you here.

Shop around

You don’t need to stick with the same insurance company you have been with for years. Do a price comparison search online and find the best value for money for the coverage you need.

Do your research

There are hundreds of insurance companies, but some are better than others. Again, don’t think the cheaper option is always the best. Some companies will try and rip you off and may refuse to pay up when you need them the most. Attorneys such as Stephen Babcock will help you deal with stubborn firms, but finding a respected and reputable firm should be your priority. Read online reviews and speak to people you know, and find a company you can rely on.

Drive the right car

Certain cars will raise your insurance premium, especially more powerful models. So when you are shopping to buy something new, try and pick something small and inexpensive if you are trying to cut down costs. Again, do your research, and speak to insurers to find out what cars are going to cost you more money.

Focus on security

The safer your car is, the less money you will be paying for your insurance. Cars parked on the road are at risk of damage and theft, so when possible, park your car on the driveway or in your garage. You should also modify your car with an immobilizer, tracker, and alarm system as extra security measures.

Form filling

Be mindful of what you say on the insurer’s application form. Don’t bend the truth, as that may void your policy. However, you don’t want to make mistakes that result in you paying more than you should be. For example, don’t overestimate your mileage, as the more miles you do, the more money you pay. Be honest and accurate, and you will save yourself grief and money down the line.

Named drivers

It’s a myth to suggest adding a named driver will bring down costs. For younger drivers, adding a more experienced driver will lower the premium. However, if you add a driver who is deemed a risk because they have made claims in the past, or they have a high-risk occupation, you will end up paying more.

Be safe

Finally, being a safe and responsible driver will cut down on car insurance costs. You will pay more money on your insurance premium if you have points on your license and a driving conviction. Be safe on the road and you will save yourself some money, as well as saving your life!