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Debt: The ABCs Of Avoiding The Dreaded D Word

Money matters. Even if you aren’t motivated by finance, keeping your financial status in good health is imperative for a happy life. The word that nobody wants to hear is debt. Sadly, those four little letters send shivers down the spines of millions. But you don’t have to be one of them.

 Avoiding debt isn’t always easy, especially in the current economic climate. Nonetheless, it is very possible, and these three simple tricks will go a long way to helping the cause. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.

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 It’s the oldest phrase in the book, but failing to prepare is preparing to fail. While your financial situation may seem OK right now, you must plan for potential problems. Because if they hit you by surprise, the repercussions will be far worse.


There’s no point in sugar coating things. Studies show that over one in four people wouldn’t be ready to cope with a financial emergency. Given that they can befall anybody at any time, it’s essential that you take precautions. From insurance packages to physical contingencies, those plans could make all the difference

 Anticipating the worst possible situations removes that element of shock. By getting back to normality sooner, the chances of spiralling into unrecoverable debt become smaller. AS a responsible person, seeking this outcome is key.


 The harsh reality of modern life is that you won’t be able to escape the need to borrow money. Whether it’s getting a mortgage or paying for a car, you will inevitably take on debt in one shape or form. As long as you do this in a responsible manner, it needn’t cause major problems.

 When borrowing money, it’s vital that you avoid two major problems. They are borrowing too much and taking on high-interest rates. Find out about employee financial perks and how wages can be used to secure healthier loans. Not only can it result in lower repayments, but you’ll also prevent the threat of missed payments.

 There’s nothing wrong with borrowing money, as long as it is done responsibly. Take the time to calculate all options, and you should be just fine.


 Financial health isn’t all about today. You should build towards a bigger and better future too, especially if your past doesn’t look too great. Credit scores have a huge influence on your future possibilities, but it’s never too late to save the day.

 Even people with terrible credit history can slowly repair the damage. Using a free credit score checker will show you where you stand and give you tips on how to make things better. On a different not, learning to trim the fat from your monthly outgoings can be very useful. Couponing and other budget-saving tricks should be embraced with open arms.

 It’s not all about spending. Earning more money will naturally put you in a stronger financial position. Whether it’s working towards a promotion or starting a side project doesn’t matter. Take control of your future today, and avoiding the dreaded D word will become far more likely.