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Budget Blues? Here’s How You Can Be Better Off Next Month

So you have looked over your finances for this month and had a small nervous breakdown? When unexpected expenses and a sudden dip in income takes you by surprise, it’s incredibly helpful to have a few thrifty tips up your sleeve.

Not just the kind of advice that tells you to cook at home or walk more, though; when your financial future looks gloomier than ever, you need some quick money-making tips to kick it back on track.


Here is a handful of great ways to boost your income without having to take up a second job, so that you can calm your nerves and lull your piggy bank back to sleep.

#1 Have a yard sale

Do you remember back when we were young a careless, and how fast those coins could accumulate when we needed them the most? First gathering the few dollars we had saved up, before heading over to our sibling’s room to hunt for more – and before we knew it, we had gathered enough money to satisfy our sweet-tooth.

Although you’d probably get kicked out of your sibling’s house rather fast if you showed up there looking for money today, you can keep the same mindset in case of emergency. Money can accumulate rather fast when it’s called for, so go through your garage and host a yard sale. Advertise it on Craigslist, serve up some hot chocolate for the neighbors, and watch how people are actually willing to pay for those gifts from your mother-in-law.

#2 Crank the heat down

You’re not going to make half a month’s worth of money in one go by adjusting the amount of energy you use at home, but it sure will make a difference on your finances next month. Have a walk around the house, turn the heat down, and have a look at your electronic appliances. If they’re dated, they might be costing you a lot more than the newer and more energy efficient ones.

Replace them with greener appliances, consider switching to a more cost-effective energy supplier, and try to find a rental apartment that uses less energy the next time you need to move. Although the homes in the middle of the city can be expensive, you’ll probably be living a lot closer to work, and they’ll offer a lot of benefits you’d normally pay for as well such as gym memberships – plus, they’ll be as green as can be.

#3 Shop in bulk and use your nose

To do grocery shopping in bulk has gotten a bad rep lately due to the amount of food we end up wasting. We can definitely afford not to throw away as much food as we do, but you can continue to shop in bulk – just freeze what you’re not going to use this week, and ignore the expiration dates slightly.

It doesn’t mean that you have to eat bad food, you should just use your nose and eyes rather than following the ‘use by’ date – it’s a trick.

Humans are perfectly able to determine when food is off; a sour smell, a dull look, and slimy texture are all warning lights for when it’s time to throw it out. If the date says it expired two days ago, but the smell is still fresh, you can safely cook it.

We waste a lot of money on energy, food, and general stuff we never really get to enjoy. Tidy up your life by getting rid of it all, fill up that savings account again, and watch how your finances take a turn for the better.