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Why Is Life So Expensive


Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to be an adult? Well who can say they now wish more than anything that they could be a kid again? From pretty much the age you start working, part time or full time, life is just so expensive. Through school, nobody truly warns you just how many bills you’ll have to pay, or how driving is not just about having fun. The costs of living are so high now, it’s almost impossible for people to maintain a good job, car, social life etc. Let’s explore why life is so expensive.


Owning your own home if you don’t already is one of the best feelings in the world. It is absolute freedom from the reigns you’ve been under your whole life. But the actual process of moving is just so expensive that people are living at home until their late 20’s/30’s. The amount of independence you need can also shake people a little. When your mom or dad isn’t washing and ironing your clothes, life can get hard. With moving you need money for furniture, accessories, bills etc. You’ll also need money for the actual fee’s of moving. If you’re part time, or your wage isn’t as secure as that of someone who has had a stable salaried income for years, you’ll be lucky to get accepted for a mortgage. Try speaking to companies such as Willow and see what they can do. There’s nothing worse than not being able to move out.

Social Life

Having an active social life is so important to keeping yourself happy. But it’s so hard to maintain when you’ve got so many other things to pay for. As you get older, people rarely just want to come round to watch the TV like in your younger years. You’ll be expected to go out, eat food, drink lots, or even just a coffee. But as you get older and your bills pile up, it’s a lot harder than you think to afford. Try suggesting a coffee or lunch date, but round one of your houses so you don’t have to spend as much. Over the year the amount you’ll save will add up.


This is pretty much every person’s dream from the age of around 13. There’s nothing we want more than the freedom or fun of driving. But the costs that come with it are one of the first teenagers will get to experience. First you have the cost of insurance, which for young drivers is so high at the minute. If you’re a parent, consider advising them to get a black box to bring the payments down a little. Then there’s the cost of road tax, which if they financed a brand new car will now be capped at £200 a year. Then there’s the biggest one, fuel. They’ll be so happy to be a taxi for their friends, or just to drive round all day, they’ll soon realise just how expensive it is.  With fuel prices ever changes, it’s most likely that this will be the most expensive part for them. If you’re an adult, you’ll most likely have learnt to cope a bit, but running a car is still extremely expensive no matter what your age.