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Money To Burn? Invest It Wisely Instead

Whether you have been saving for a few years and have accrued a handsome sum or whether you have suddenly come into a windfall, if you have a substantial amount of money, you may be tempted to shift it from the savings account in which you have it safely tucked away towards a new more lucrative avenue. While the bank is no doubt one of the safest vaults in which to keep your nest egg, it won’t be working for you in the most effective way. To make more substantial returns, you need to be investing in a more aggressive manner. Take a look at these ways you can invest your money and assess which one could be right for you.

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Forex Trading

If you’re an avid reader of the financial pages and keep abreast of stocks, shares and foreign markets, currency trading might be right up your alley. By using your financial astuteness, you need to predict the future fluctuations of foreign currencies and trade them in a way that will see you selling and buying at the optimum times to make the most money. The process is much trickier than it sounds and can be very high risk. It pays to set up a dummy account with an agent first and play a sort of Forex trading monopoly game with pretend cash. Only when you are feeling confident and have spent at least six months testing the waters should you dive head first into the Forex deep end. The returns can be lucrative but so is the risk so tread carefully.


Bricks And Mortar

Seemingly since the dawn of time, people have been investing in property because of its sound potential as a long-term investment. If you fancy a foray into the world of buy-to-let, you could choose to purchase a little bolthole marketed towards the young professional type. Select a location in the center of a city with excellent transport links and you could see a handsome rental yield each month to cover your mortgage costs.

If you fancy something a little bit more exotic, why not invest in overseas property allowing you a little bit of extra time in the sun while also keeping your money working for you. Some global hotspots are seeing huge percentage increases in property values annually. You need to try and deduce which is the next up and coming resort or city and stake your claim to a humble abode before the prices skyrocket.



If you pop onto any crowdfunding site, you’ll see all manner of weird, wonderful and novel business ventures looking for investment. You could meander down this avenue to invest some of your cash into a new startup, invention or service. While there is an element of risk, you don’t have to invest vast amounts of cash, and you could see a lucrative return while helping a newbie take their first steps into entrepreneurship.

Not knowing where to place your substantial amount of savings is a pleasant first world problem to endure. Consider all of your options carefully and select the investment that fits into your lifestyle and will give you the most satisfaction personally and financially.