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Why Greed Gets You Nowhere in Life

Greed is often seen as a negative thing and it’s easy to see why. When people are greedy, they’re often selfish and only think about either themselves of their interests. But why exactly do people resort to greedy methods and why do some people get away with it?

Greed is a gamble

If you’re going to be greed then you’re essentially gambling. Every act of greed has some kind of negative connotation attached to it. For instance, if your greed convinces you to reduce the quality of your products to lower manufacturing costs in your business, then your audience might immediately notice and complain, thus destroying your customer relations. If you’re not willing to take this gamble then you need to stay clear of greedy practices.

Breaking the law

Another way to act greedy is to actually break the law. Whether it’s trying to avoid taxes or using underhanded methods to get an advance on your business competitors, you’re putting your entire business and your reputation on the line for something that might not even be worth it. Corporate greed is common and if you’re caught committing fraud, you’re going to lose more than all of your assets and savings.

If you think that greed is rewarding, then just take a look at these wealthy individuals that lost huge sums of money because they didn’t plan ahead for their finances. If you don’t want to end up like these people, then it’s a good idea to always secure your wealth.

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