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3 Easy Alternatives To Investing On The Stock Market

Investing is the best way to get the most out of your money but a lot of people are put off by it. They think it means buying an expensive property that you have to maintain and find tenants for or learning all of the complicated numbers in order to successfully play the stock market. While those are two of the most popular investments, they aren’t the only way to watch your money grow. There are all sorts of other places you can put your money that don’t require as much expert knowledge or time. These are some of the safest alternative investment options.


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Buying coins is a good way of investing your money. You can buy silver coins which have a good value because of the material itself, or you can buy collectors coins to add even more value. With precious metals like silver and gold, the risks are fairly low. When the stock market is up and down all the time, precious metals stay fairly consistent. Obviously, the value will dip sometimes but it’s far less risky than playing the stock market, and it doesn’t require as much time or input as something like property investment. The other benefit is that you can make very small investments if you don’t have that much cash. Collectors items will almost always increase in value the longer you keep them so as a lifelong investment, they’re great. Just remember to buy them from a reputable company so you can be sure that the material is what they say it is, and that they don’t get damaged in transit or they’ll lose value.



Commodities is a fairly broad category that covers lots of things like livestock and crops, as well as precious metals. They’re no good for short term investments because if there is a surplus one year, the price will drop dramatically. On the other hand, if there is a drought, prices will rise. That means that they’re a big gamble for short term investors but as a long term investment, they’re pretty safe. People will always need those commodities so prices will stay fairly stable over a longer period.


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Collectible coins are a great investment but what about any other collectibles? There are all sorts of things out there that people collect and the prices always go up. Lego is a big one and if you’ve got old sets based on movies that don’t get manufactured anymore, they sell for thousands sometimes. Lots of toys have this collectors value but you’ve got to be careful. It’s difficult to tell if a new item is going to increase in value over the years. It’s better to buy established collectors items and sit on them until the value goes up. Always look for stuff that’s in the original box if you can because it’s worth way more, and don’t buy anything that’s damaged.

Investing doesn’t have to be about poring over numbers on the stock market all day, try one of these far simpler ways and you’ll still see good returns.