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Eventful Year – Eventful Investments

2017 is almost coming to a close, but what a year it has been. The least one can say about it is that it has been eventful, with some serious turnabouts, and surprises no one saw coming. The UK Brexiting had a tremendous impact on the pound, and some were worried it might get taken over by a different currency. It did hit a 31-year low after all, which is no laughing matter for any UK residents. The US decided to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement despite wide criticism of the matter across the board. Things have certainly been happening, and with such significant players making such big changes, the business world has been all over the place as well. Investing might seem harder than ever, with more areas of business looking more uncertain than ever, but despite so many things being in turmoil, opportunity is still out there if you just look around.

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The growing world of cryptocurrency

Unless you have been living under a rock while wearing industrial-grade earplugs, chances are you’ve been hearing about various cryptocurrencies making the news more often than not. For good reason too, it’s not all just hot air, the events taking place recently are definitely more than newsworthy, and if you haven’t been keeping up then it might just be time to start. From being some random online currency which was commonly used for illegal activity, to a multi-billion dollar giant which has grabbed the attention of just about everyone, Bitcoin sure has had an eventful year. The value of a single Bitcoin is currently floating around $19.000, and if the recent trend continues, then it will only keep going up. Some say it will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, while some say that the bubble is going to pop any moment. Whether you should invest or not, is your decision to make, but keep in mind that while the Bitcoin might have stolen the limelight for a while, some other cryptocurrencies, or “coins”, are on the rise as well. Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin just to name a few, have been showing promise and should not be overlooked if you are looking for potential investments. But that’s enough about computer mumbo-jumbo for now.

Image source: Pexels

The established world of real estate

Finally, something we’ve all come to know over the years. Busy countries across the world have been on a gradual price increase for the past decade or so, and while regular residents are not a huge fan of this development, real estate agents and property owners are rejoicing. Of course, this does not mean you should not get into real estate if you have the money, knowing life, it will be handsomely profitable either way. The real issue at hand is deciding what to do with your property once you have it. Sometimes, just selling property is not the optimal way of going about things, and looking into either renting via a Property Investment company, or setting up an Airbnb in one of your properties might turn out to be much more fruitful than you might expect. If you want to kick back and relax while you get some steady income coming your way, an agency might be the way to go. If you feel like getting stuck in and maximising your profits proactively, then Airbnb might be just the platform you were looking for.