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Financial Comparisons & Why You Shouldn’t Make Them

It’s so easy to compare yourself to others. If it’s something you find yourself doing on a regular basis, then you’re not alone. From the way we look to what we have, we’re all guilty of comparing our lives to others. But one of the worst kinds of comparisons that can always make us feel awful is when we make financial comparisons. Because it’s never good to wonder why others are in a certain position and you’re not, here’s why…

It’s Unproductive

Comparing yourself to others is highly demotivating and completely unproductive. In fact, its’ one of the worst things you can do if you want to change your life, because it doesn’t tend to get you anywhere, it just makes you feel worse and won’t change your situation.

It’s Negative

You don’t always need more negativity in your life. It’s only going to stress you out. But comparing your financial situation to others is only going to make everything worse. It will put a dark cloud over you, and make you even less motivated to make a change. Instead, you need to try and be positive, which in turn will make you feel more proactive.

It’s Unrealistic

Finally, you could be comparing your financial situation to others when you’re not really getting the whole picture. Think your favorite TV characters are living the high life? Well when you look at their pay, or what it would be in real life, it may turn out to be the complete opposite as the below infographic shows.

Infographic Design By Sunny