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Top Financial Tips That Will Get You Ready for 2018

We have a lot of articles on how you can manage your personal finance better here on Complete Personal Finance. In a recent article, we even talked about unexpected life events that will help shape your financial future. That future is just around the corner with 2018 coming in a few weeks.


There were a lot of changes happening in the financial industry since the beginning of 2017. The challenges are also shifting, especially with recent regulation changes and other factors affecting the economy. These top financial tips will help you get ready for the things to come in 2018.

Develop an Emergency Fund

If you haven’t’ already, now is the perfect time to start working on your emergency savings. As the name suggests, an emergency fund is the money you save for dealing with emergencies, and only for dealing with emergencies.

You should be familiar with saving to raise funds for investments, so saving for an emergency fund should not be difficult. Create a separate account and start allocating a portion of your income for emergencies.

Seek New Investment Opportunities

The recent rise of cryptocurrencies and digital investment opportunities is indeed interesting. People who bought into Bitcoin up to a year ago are now enjoying healthy returns on their investment. Don’t enter the market just because you think you’re missing out.

What you need to do is find alternative investment opportunities for the future. 2018 will be the year when many of these new opportunities become accessible. Even in the cryptocurrency sector, we now have Ethereum and Litecoin presenting new opportunities to those interested.

Watch Out for Fees

There is a fee for virtually everything these days. You pay a (usually small) fee for many transactions you make. The fees are so small that we tend to forget about them; take a second look, however, and you’ll quickly realize how those small fees add up to a substantial amount every month.

The same applies to interest rates. Small changes in interest rates aren’t necessarily at the top of your mind, but these changes can affect your personal finance in more ways than one. Don’t hesitate to use a compound interest calculator to figure out how the small changes will affect you.

Review Your 2017

One of the keys to achieving financial success is refinement. You want to look at the financial decisions you made in the past, learn from any mistake you made along the way, and be better at managing your personal finance in the future.

As we get closer to 2018, it is time to look back at your financial decisions in 2017. Don’t be afraid to admit you made mistakes; what’s important is that you learn from those mistakes and choose a different path in 2018. The more you do this, the better you will be at making sound financial decisions.

In the end, you have to be ready for the challenges to come. The tips we covered in this article will help you cover the basics and prepare yourself for a brighter, more organized 2018.