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2 Major Areas You Could Save On In Everyday Life

Let’s talk about what this is all about, personal finance. Well, if we get down to the very basics of what we are trying to accomplish here, we are looking at smart, or smarter, money management. What is generally considered smart money management? Money which is either saved or money that pays for itself, much like if it was invested it in something. So now what can you do, is either find ways to not spend as much money, or find something to invest in. Of course, that is much easier said than done, but there are most definitely ways out there which can be done, and apply to one or the other. For now though, let’s just look at ways in which you can save money, as it is much more applicable to people overall. Not everyone has enough money to buy into bitcoin, or ripple, and not everyone had the tip-off from Nostradamus telling them to invest in cryptocurrencies a few years ago. So, without further ado, let’s look at some handy ways in which you can save money on everyday things.

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Unless you work from home and never leave the house, chances are you use public transport somewhat regularly. Which means you also know the pain of feeling overcharged for a short bus or train journey, when your rent already decimated your bank account enough. Well, despite the popular belief that weekly or monthly tickets are the “saver tickets” and the more “money smart” option in the long run, sometimes that is not entirely accurate. Very often people just assume that it is true, and while it is at times, that does not mean it’s the most money-efficient way of paying for tickets for everyone. Before you splash out a decent sum on a mere weekly ticket, check if you would spend that same amount of money travelling during the week, by paying per-journey. Of course this does not apply to everyone, but it’s definitely something many people overlook.

Staying in touch

Whereas before in order to find your friends or business partners, you had to either go to that bench outside the park where everyone sat around, or to a meeting room, you now sometimes have full-fledged conferences which take place completely virtually, through video call. How times change. Of course, the phone is still at the forefront of communication between humans, and the go-to device, mobile or not, however, it does not always come cheap, especially when calling somewhere not local. Making free international calls, however, is more than possible with the right arrangements, equip yourself with them and start using more web-based services as a means of communication, such as Skype, Telegram, slack or even WhatsApp, and see your savings grow. At that point, the only thing you’re mostly paying for is just mobile internet data, rather than minutes spent in phone calls or messages sent. There are more than enough ways out there to allow everyone to find an option that suits them personally, so it’s definitely something worth taking a look at.