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Finding Zen When Debt Stress Is Constant

There are a lot of practical concerns with debt that might seem more important but failing to address the impact it has on your mental health can have you fighting the lingering anxiety and concerns long after you’re out of debt. Money stress is real, and if you’re in debt, it’s time to address it.

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Make a plan

The worst way to tackle debt, but unfortunately one of the most common, is to procrastinate. The earlier you can get working on plans to reduce your debt, the better. There are a lot of free money management tools that can help you budget, save, and create goals like working down your debt. They can remove a lot of the stress of playing the numbers game yourself while giving you achievable goals and advice on how to cut spending, put money aside, and become more financially responsible.

Share the load

Another big issue that causes stress is that a lot of people tend to hide their debt, especially from those closest to them. If you haven’t talked to your partner or family about your financial difficulty, now is the time. Not only can it be a huge relief to get the secret out and to stop having to deal with it only in your own mind. They can also be a lot more mindful of how they deal with money, such as saving more, not pushing you to spend, and even making a little money on the side to help you overcome it. Even without that, the emotional support is invaluable, so stop turning away from your main source of it.

Start talking

Yet another bad habit that people in debt have is giving their creditors the swerve. This is only going to make things worse. For one, they are going to be calling and sending letters, only adding to the anxiety. Secondly, they might get collections agencies involved instead, which are notoriously worse to deal with. Open the lines of dialogue and, if you have difficulty paying, explain that. Do you need to review your debt? If you feel anxious and unable to deal with creditors alone, as is understandable, there are services that can help you do it. This can include doing all the negotiating on your behalf.

Tackle your stress bodily

There is nothing that helps fight stress quite like exercise. And there are a lot of cheap and free ways to work out. First of all, exercise controls cortisol, the hormone that causes stress, while releasing feel-good endorphins. Moreover, mental stress can take a physical toll on your body, causing you tense up which can do all kinds of damage to your back and joints. Exercise is a good way to de-stress the body. In turn, this de-stresses the mind.

While it’s important to tackle your mental health directly, do remember that most of the tips above involve taking real steps to conquering your debt. Without eliminating the source of stress, you’re not going to be fully free of it. You need both practical and personal solutions to make it out and regain your confidence.