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Creative Solutions That Can Get Your Debt Paid Faster

No one likes living with debt, and when it becomes unmanageable, it can cause us a serious amount of stress and anxiety That is why it is important to do everything in your power to pay it off. In fact, because of how interest works the sooner you pay it off, the less you will pay overall. With that in mind read on for some creative solutions that will help you to get your debt paid off faster.

Go meatless

For the non-vegetarians among us, meat may be taking up a significant amount of our food budget. Up to around 40% in some cases. This is money that could be put to much better use by paying off your debts. Plus you get the advantage that being vegetarian is way healthier and pretty tasty too.

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Claim what you are owed

A mistake a lot of folks in debt make is that they are aren’t claiming money that is actually owed to them. Whether it is from the bank, the government, companies, or other private individuals.

For instance, did you know that there are many banks accounts that have been charging unfairly, and this means you can make a claim to get some of the charges you paid back? You can also find out your qualify for any support like child benefits that you might be owed here.

Remember too that if you have been in an accident, you don’t have to foot all the debt from medical bills alone. In fact, you can speak to professionals like those at Derrick Law Firm that specialises in personal injury cases. A conversation worth having as they may be able to tell you whether you have a strong claim for compensation that can be taken to court.

Clear out the attic

Who knows what treasures lie up in the attic? Especially, if you live in an old house and the previous owner have left stuff behind. There could be a valuable piece of jewellery, an old Chippendale ( the furniture not the dancers), and even a Steiff bear?

To help you sort the rubbish from the riches, you can use antiques and collection guides like this. Something that will also tell you roughly what your finds will be worth, so you can ensure you get the maximum return and pay those debts off as quickly as possible.

Help a scientist

Now, you may not think of yourself as a lab assistant. What would you look like in a white coat and glasses? However, you can actually get paid pretty well online for helping various scientists and academics with their research.

This might be doing something as simple an answering a few questions, or it may be something that is more in-depth like facial recognition exercises, or saying how certain things make you feel. Read more about options like these here.

Just remember to check the privacy agreements and risk waivers before you get started, so you are protected. Although, most reputable organisations will ensure that your data is collected and sorted anonymously.