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Move Your Business To The Next Level

When starting your own business you develop a business plan in order to progress to a certain level. What happens when that level is reached, or what if you haven’t quite reached that level and your business growth seems to be at a standstill? This is the point at which you will need to develop strategies that allow your business to grow, or move onto the next stage. Often this needs to be done quickly in order for your business to stay afloat. In time the costs associated with running a business can rise, this may be due to taking on extra staff, updating equipment or the rising costs of rent. This means the turnover of your business needs to rise accordingly, otherwise profits will be eaten into substantially.

Of course your business may have done so well that you are unsure on how to expand your business further, the task can feel quite daunting especially if to expand, you need to find larger premises, hire more staff or buy more technologically advanced equipment.

This article aims to highlight strategies you could adopt to move your business forward.

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Develop your online presence

In today’s market it is essential to have a strong online presence, no matter what industry your business is in. You may already have a website, but has it been updated recently to reflect recent technology? Often just having a one page holding website can do your business more damage than not having one at all. This is because it doesn’t look professional, so doesn’t engender trust in your customers. Another aspect to having a presence online is search engine optimisation (SEO). In basic terms, implementing SEO means that you will feature highly on search engines, meaning that customers will find you easily. If you are not proficient in SEO it may be worth hiring experts from a digital agency, it will be worth the extra money when your business reaches more customers and sales start to roll in.     

Manage your time

For your business to grow you need to get out there in order to generate more sales. Yes, administration needs to be completed  and new products or services need developing, but there will be no point if there are no sales. To grow your business effectively at least 80% of your time should be spent generating sales. Ensure you promptly follow up leads from online queries or contacts you may have made at trade fairs, ideally this should be done within 5 days of first contact being made. Ensure that your website allows communication between customers and yourself, this could be in the form of contact forms, blogs and by having your contact details clearly displayed. Consider having the ability to sell through your website, if your business supports this method of selling.

Be approachable

Be friendly and approachable and always ensure that your customers remain your focus. Find out what your customers like about your business, what don’t they like? Try to adapt your business around your target market, this will put you above your competitors and your business will become the first point of call for new leads.

When people can put a face to a name, a rapport is built, especially if you are actually listening to what your customers want and you are quick to react to queries and issues. So get out of your office and meet with potential customers face to face. Also consider investing in exhibiting at a trade fair, where you will get the opportunity to discuss your business with potential customers and it may engender leads with potentially lucrative clients such as large retailers and manufacturers.

Be passionate about what your business offers and really believe in it, this will encourage customers to share your enthusiasm.

Be adaptable

When out and about meeting with customers and potential leads you will have developed a clear picture of what people expect from you, or would like. If this picture is not what you are already offering – change! Changes in the marketplace occur so frequently, that it is really important for your business to be current and on-trend. If you continue doing things in the same way for years and years, your competitors will overtake you and potentially leave you behind. It may be that just a few tweaks here and there will suffice. Or you may need to completely overhaul what you are offering.

Often manufacturing methods need updating, if your business is involved in producing products you will need equipment that is suitable to meet demand. Upscaling your business will mean selling more products within the same timescale.

To conclude, for your business to grow you need to assess where you are currently and adopt the strategies above to move forward.