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The Tech That Works Tirelessly to Protect Your Business

Businesses need protecting, that is for sure. They need protecting in the physical realm from burglary and thievery, and they need protecting in the physical realm from cyber criminality. And, fortunately, there is a whole host of modern technology that only seeks to help when it comes to the practice of, well, putting this protection into practice.

Read on to see some of the pieces of tech out there that, when used and put into action in your business, will work tirelessly and at all times towards the goal of protecting it.

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The most modern camera technology

Camera technology is, of course, not a new concept and it certainly isn’t a new concept to consider it to be used as a security measure within a business. Yes, generations upon generations of businesses have now been setting up cameras within their offices and other premises in order to try and deter criminality in the first place or to catch those that do burgle them in the act of doing so. But, there is a whole host of new camera technology out there that you should be considering setting up within your business premises in order to protect it from all of the many facets of modern day burglary.

One such example of new and modern camera technology is that that is hidden and works on WiFi. Yes, no longer are cameras hidden in innocuous, everyday pieces of equipment a thing only found in action and spy movies. No, today, the hidden camera is very much something that can and should be used, especially when it comes to business. They can and should be used within a business, specifically your business, because these cameras pose as objects that criminals wouldn’t never, in a million years, consider to be a camera upon first glance, making them far more likely to commit their crime and ultimately be caught for it. These everyday, innocuous objects include digital clocks, mirrors, smoke detectors and can even come in the form pens — so, as you can tell the chances of somebody discovering that these objects are actually cameras in disguise is  pretty slim.

But, why are these hidden cameras that work using WiFi technology so useful? Why are they any better than security cameras that clearly loom over an area in order to scare criminality off in the first place? Well, because this type of hidden camera tech is perfect for catching the most common form of business thievery and those that perform it in the act: employee theft. Yes, employee thievery is not only real but it is common, but you can catch your employees in the act of doing it by hiding a camera in their working space and then acting should you ever see them steal anything that does not belong to them but does belong to you.

Facial identification technology

Another piece of modern technology that your business should be embracing if its takes its safety seriously is facial identification technology.

Yes, by embracing technology that is able to verify customer IDs in real time, both in the real world and online, you will be able to be sure, first and foremost, that every customer you allow into your business’s spaces is both who they say they are and is fit to be in the position you are allowing them to be in. This identification verification could come in the form of verifying any IDs that you have provided to a customer of yours by scanning both the photograph on the ID and the actual face of the customer to ensure it matches and that they are actually granted permission to enter your premises. This identification verification could come in the form of scanning a customer’s face online to ensure that they are fit to access your business’s online data and that they aren’t a cyber criminal that is trying to tap into it in order to steal it. Or this identification verification could come in the form of capturing and then verifying any documents your business is handed to work with with ease.

Basically, this type of technology is pivotal in your business’s quest to verify that everybody it does business with is who they say they are.

Your business needs protecting from both the internal and external forces that seek to harm it. And, as seen above, there is modern technology out there waiting to do this protecting. So, embrace this tech, protect your business and subsequently keep your business shining for years and years to come!