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Drive Like Lewis Hamilton On A Budget

Do you dream of being the next big Formula One race driver? Maybe you can see yourself zooming around the famous Nürburgring just like Lewis Hamilton would. Well, maybe those dreams of being able to drive like a Formula One pro aren’t too far off. If only you could afford it…

Ok, so you might not have the talents to drive like Lewis Hamilton just yet, but that’s no reason why you can’t afford a pretty snazzy car. As long as you follow these great money saving tips for drivers, you might find that you can save enough to spend on your dream auto!
Lease Instead Of Buying

You might think that there are some sports cars out there that you would never be able to afford no matter how much you save each month. However, some fancy cars aren’t completely out of reach, especially if you lease them instead of buying them outright. Intelligent Car Leasing is just one of the many companies out there who offer this service. There are usually two options for leasing. The most popular is leasing until you have paid off the full amount. The second type is to lease a car for a short period – in effect, you would be renting it and then return it to the company.

Be Mindful Of Fuel Consumption

Do you get sick of spending so much on fuel for your car every week? There are some things that will help you bring this cost down. First of all, you should try and be mindful of how you are driving. If you regularly drive very fast or leave the engine running while you have stopped in a queue, then you will be using a lot of excess fuel. Stick to speed limits and turn your engine off whenever necessary. Try not to rely on the car’s heating and air conditioning too much either as these also consume fuel.

Shop For Cheaper Insurance

Car insurance is another big cost that most motorists regularly moan about. Do you think that you pay over the odds every month? There is something you can do about that – you just need to switch providers. You can change your insurance at any time, as you rarely sign up for a fixed contract. However, you should check the small print in your documents to make sure that you aren’t obliged to stay with your current provider for a set length of time.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Taking regular care of your car’s maintenance can also save you a lot of money as well. For instance, regular tire checks will prevent you from driving on slightly deflated ones which would end up causing your car to use a lot of fuel. Not only that, though, but checking your car will prevent any potential problems from becoming too expensive to fix.

Hopefully, all of the tips in this blog post can help you keep the cost of being a driver down to a minimum. It might help you save up for a car that would make Lewis Hamilton jealous!