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Firm Shaming: How Bad PR Impacts A Business’s Bottom Line

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There’s no such thing as bad publicity according to the experts. In their professional opinion, hitting the headlines regardless is going to help a brand. Not to be controversial, but this is the biggest myth in the industry and it’s harming small and medium-sized companies. Public relations are the cornerstone of a business’s success, and negative PR can chip away at the foundations. Although it’s possible to turn your fortunes around, it’s an uphill battle once the dye has been cast.

Here are the main ways firm shaming affects a company’s finances.

No Trust

Bad publicity can reveal everything the firm stands for to be a lie. Think about the process of going green in the modern industry. Plenty of businesses promote the fact that they save energy and are happy to revel in the benefits. Then, it emerges clinical waste is adding to landfill sites and their claims are bogus. Not only does this poke holes in recent arguments, but it also damages the brand as a whole. The loss of trust causes customers and clients to question everything that is good about the business and put it under the spotlight. Even if the policies stand up, the accusation can linger for years and prevent people from shopping with the company again.

Damaged Equity

Equity is the long-term effects of a lack of trust. In the short-term, people will vote with their feet and that is to be expected. One thing organizations never account for is the downturn in fortunes in the future. All of a sudden, consumers develop memories and the slightest hint of mistrust sticks with them for days. And, the worst thing it is that it doesn’t discriminate between big and small. VW is still feeling the effects of the emissions crisis and will do for decades to come. Somehow, the bosses have to find new ways to recruit customers who have disdain for the brand.


It’s human nature to judge someone or something within a couple of seconds. Rightly or wrongly, it happens and sticks with your for life. What’s worse for businesses is that bad PR only works to validate baseless thoughts and feelings. As soon as a person sees the company is in the newspapers, he or she thinks “I knew it!” It doesn’t matter that the matters are unrelated because all a customer needs is an excuse. Negative publicity is the alibi of all defences.

World Wide Web

Word of mouth advertising could spread far yet never had the reach of the internet. One search in a search engine and you’ll find anything and everything ever said in anger about the company. Obviously, this is terrible because online sales are taking over as the conventional form of purchase. And, customers use feedback to ensure they avoid scams because the Web is a risky platform. Did you know that 20% of people admit to writing a false review?

Firms that are shamed are constantly on the back foot. How do you plan on fighting back?