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Landscaping Your Garden On A Budget

Now that the spring is here we can get out into our garden again and see what damage the winter has done to the space. You will likely find that things are a little more overgrown than they were when you left it and some of your plants may not have survived the frost. Now is the perfect time to get back into your outdoor space and carry out some work and redesigns.

Shape up
If you plan on fully landscaping the space and starting all over, then the first thing you will need to do is mark out the shape of the space and where you want the lawn, flower beds and other elements. Then you can bring in some equipment and rip out the whole of the garden to start fresh! You will of course need timber crane mats to make sure the ground is protected during this time, but the quicker you can get everything out the better.

Get planting

Once you have a big patch of soil to work with you are going to need to start bringing your plants back into the space. If you have a few large shrubs which need to go back into the ground, do this as soon as you can. Once you have the plants back in you will need to lay some fresh lawn, create your new flower beds and have some fun with the layout a bit. You can create many different patterns and fun designs with plants and really play around with colour. Once everything is planted and you are happy with it, you can lay yourself a patio.


Not everyone has trees in their garden because they simply never thought to put one there,but a tree can bring a whole new life to the space as well as attract more wildlife to the space. If you fancy planting a tree, why not go for a cherry or an apple tree? You will be able to enjoy the blossom the tree brings in the spring and then eat the fruit it produces in the summer!


If you have always had paving to mark the path through your garden, now might be a good time to change things up and try something a little different. Gravel is a material which is easy to find and can actually look a lot more modern than paving will in your garden. The beauty of gravel is that it will also stop weeds finding their way through too.


The last thing you may want to add to the space as a finishing touch is lighting. The lighting in your garden can create a magical atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy on summer evenings, so make the most of this tool. You can hang solar powered fairy lights around the garden for a soft, coloured light or even stick to small solar lights in your flower beds to add some light throughout the space. You can have some fun and play around with the area as much as you like.