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Short On Funds? Create A Side Hustle

In today’s financially uncertain times, many people are struggling to make their wages last until the next payday. This means that overdraft facilities and credit cards become heavily relied upon, which unfortunately is costly. To counteract this shortfall many people are now considering starting a second job, or as some people call it a “side hustle” in order to raise extra money.

do you have a talent for baking?

Creating a second job for yourself may allow you the opportunity to follow your passion. Perhaps you have a particular hobby or skill that you could potentially make money from? If you are successful you could even launch a totally new career and give up your “day job” eventually!

There are tax implications related to second incomes and this will vary depending on where in the world you live. There are many resources available which will help you get on the right track. You can gain expert advice on company formation so that you will be sure to meet all regulation requirements.

Of course pursuing a second job will be time consuming, so you really need motivation to keep going. This may come from the desire to take a first step onto the housing ladder, buy a new car, clear debt, save for a dream holiday or plan for an early retirement. Your goals will be very individual to you, so create a clear vision of your end goal.

Arts and crafts

Do you have a hobby as a crafter and are able to produce products of a high quality standard? You could consider selling your creations to provide a potentially lucrative extra income. Many people just stash their arts and crafts in cupboards or give them away to family and friends without realising their monetary value.

You could consider selling your items on auction sites such as ebay, craft fayres, websites and via social media. It may also be possible to display your items in local coffee shops.

Customers love to see and feel the quality of handmade items to truly appreciate the workmanship. Once you build up your reputation as a quality producer your sales will start to rise considerably. Try to encourage previous customers to leave positive reviews on sites such as Etsy.


Being a talented musician opens up many avenues for earning extra money. You could join a band and gig on an evening or weekend, advertise yourself as a musician providing music at weddings and other celebrations, or you could consider becoming a music tutor.There is always plenty of work within the entertainment industry and it is an area that doesn’t suffer as much from financial recession, as people still love to enjoy themselves.

Freelance writer

Once you stop to think about how much the written word is used on the internet, it is unsurprising to learn that there is an abundance of freelance writing jobs available! Freelance writing requires only an internet connection, a laptop or tablet and can be completed from anywhere in the world and at any time of day. To get freelance work, build up a portfolio so that you can showcase the writing skills you possess. Some freelance writers choose to specialise in an area of expertise, such as scientific research papers.


Many reselling businesses start from selling unwanted items online and then acquiring the reselling bug! Start by having a clear out at home by selling any unwanted books, clothes, kids toys, furniture and old gaming consoles on auction sites such as ebay.

You will soon run out of “stock”, so you will need to source items from other places. Car boot sales, charity shops, jumble sales and even buying “job lots” on ebay are good places to start.

Make sure you plan a pricing strategy which allows you enough profit. Remember to take into account costs relating to postage and packaging, fees and storage.

Dog walking


Everyone loves their pets and are prepared to spend lots of money on them to ensure they stay safe and happy. There is a lot of work available for experienced dog walkers and the work is normally consistent and can often be more than once a day for one client. Owners will pay to have their dog walked whilst they are at work and will also request care for holidays rather than putting their dog into kennels. The key is to be extremely reliable, to find work it is useful to build a portfolio of testimonials from previous customers. The main requisite for the job though, is to have a genuine love of animals and to have previous dog handling experience.

This is just a small snapshot of ways to make money “on the side” there are many more.