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The Best Cities To Buy Real Estate In

Buying real estate for the first time is just one tricky affair. There’s so many things to think about when making the decision, so much so that it can all get a little bit confusing along the way. But, there are some amazing cities in the UK that would be perfect to buy real estate in. They have everything you could possibly want. But we understand that some people like to stay a bit closer to home when purchasing their first house, so the main things you need to think about are; buying price, location, things to do in the local area, living costs, schools etc. However, if you are prepared to move a little further afield, here are the best cities that you can buy real estate in.

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One thing that you’re going to notice about this article is that they’re all cities, and for good reason, cities are some of the best places you can live! Manchester being one of them. It’s a bustling city with so much to do, and the real estate there is so varied. Letting agents will tell you how much diversity there is, and how much more you can get for your money compared to other places in the UK that you might be considering. The nightlife is one of the main reasons why people are attracted to Manchester. There’s plenty to do in terms of food and drinks, and there’s plenty to do for the children as well. Some of the schools in Manchester are great, but like any city, there are some areas that are a bit more rough than others, so it is best to do your research before buying. If you’re looking for a new build home with plenty of space, Manchester has that for you.


Liverpool, again a great city, is one of the most popular with people choosing to go to university. We’re not saying that to try and put you off with the thought of tons of uni students running around, that’s not what it’s like. There is however plenty to do, just like Manchester, in terms of a night out and a good time. There’s also more in the way of history and things to do in terms of museums due to the rich historical background that Liverpool has. You’ve got the docks to explore, the famous pub where the beatles and many other bands shot to fame, and great places to go an eat if you’re hungry. Again, there’s a perfect mix of new build and much older more rustic houses depending on what tickles your fancy.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle Upon Tyne, also known as Geordie land, is one of the most magical places you could live. The city is just full of amazing vibes, and everyone seems to be happy, especially come the night time. It is famous for its nights out, perhaps more so than the other two cities. But it’s also famous for it’s high rise historical buildings that would make for the perfect first home. Just like with Liverpool there is plenty to do in the way of history and culture, and for a city as big as it is, it isn’t actually that expensive to buy a home here.