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Do You Have More Money Than You Think Do?

Now, sometimes there’s no getting around the fact that it would be convenient to have a little bit extra money in the back pocket. The problem is, you already know how much money your job is bringing in each month, and how much you’re spending – and there doesn’t seem to be much left over. But here’s the thing: while your income will provide the bulk of your cash, it is not the only place to find money. Most people have a number of untapped sources, ones that could seriously boost their financial situation. We take a look at a few of these hidden money spots below. How many might you have in your life?


Unused Items

We live in a material age. Take a walk through the average person’s home, and you’ll likely see that their rooms are filled with goods, some of which are rarely used – and some which have never been used! According to some calculations, there could be as much as a few hundred dollars worth of goods just sitting in a home. Couldn’t you put that money to good use? Here’s what you do. Take a walk through your home, and take a look at your items. If you haven’t used it in the past six months, then take a photo and put for sale online. You could have a weeks wages in your bank, all for what amounted to a couple of hours work.

Not Your Fault

The world can be a dangerous place. And alas, when things go wrong, it’s seldom cheap. If we’re involved in a car accident, then we need to cover medical bills, lost time off work, and the cost of fixing or replacing our vehicle. And if the accident was not your fault, then that would seem especially unfair. However, if you were involved in an accident, then you may be eligible for compensation. Take a look at, and get your claim underway. It won’t be able to magically heal your injuries, but it will ease the financial strain associated with an injury.

A Spare Room

If you could gift yourself a third of your salary each month, wouldn’t you do it? Well, maybe you can. If you have an apartment with a spare room, then that’s almost exactly what you’ll be missing out on. Instead of living by yourself, get in a roommate, and seriously boost your monthly income. You can thoroughly vet the person you’re going to live with before they move on, so you know it’s safe – and who knows, you might even find a lifelong friend in the process, too.

Wasted Cash

But of course, the absolute best way to get more money is to spend less of it. You’ve probably got a fine income by global standards, yet spend the money on unnecessary expenditures, such as cable TV, faster internet than you need, and takeout lunch. Cut them out, and it won’t be long before you notice the difference in your bank balance.