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Things You Must Fix Before Listing Your House for Sale

However you do it, moving home is an expensive endeavor, and one of the major outlays most of us will ever make. There is so much to consider and pay for when moving to a new home, so it’s little wonder that most homeowners when thinking of selling begin to stop spending money on their current properties. But just because you’ve learned to live the with quirks of your home – the lights that never work in the basement, or the front door that needs a special amount of pressure applied to open – doesn’t mean that potential new buyers will be quite so forgiving.

In fact, what you regard as a minor inconvenience can soon become a major sticking point in a sale, costing you time and money as it holds up the process. It may lead buyers to give you a low-ball offer, affect the appraisal value or even stop the DIY-phobic and cost-wary from making an offer at all with a bad first impression. A large amount of home sales fall through at the eleventh hour due to home inspection issues that can actually be easily remedied with minimal outlay.

Faulty Plumbing

Even a minor leak in your home can add up to a big headache, so if there any any apparent plumbing issues it can make a potential buyer run a mile. Call in a professional like Plumbing Force to sort out any leaks, drips or problems with piping. Water damage accumulated over time can be massively problematic, causing bigger problems from mould infestations to dry rot, but most plumbing issues are relatively easy to fix. Make sure any damaged pipes are replaced and any leaks around taps and toilets are sealed.


General Upkeep

A little wear-and-tear may be pretty standard for a lived in property, but don’t assume potential buyers will overlook it. A poorly maintained home can suggest bigger, non-cosmetic issues waiting to be discovered, and that can be a major deterrent for buyers on a budget who can’t afford costly repairs. Giving your property a face-lift can be as easy as repainting in bright and airy neutrals and replacing any carpeting over ten years old. Replace any broken or chipped tiling, and make a big impact with a small change such as new radiator covers, light fixtures, cabinet handles or taps. Even a small outlay can buy a fresh, cared-for appearance that can go a long way towards making your home appealing to buyers. It could get you a slightly higher offer, or even more competing offers that drive up the overall sale price.

Upgrade Any Wiring

Faulty wiring is also something that you need to address, but quite often it’s a matter of small upgrades rather than a full re-do. Open or damaged fuse boxes, frayed wiring and faulty switches are all relatively inexpensive to address with a qualified electrician on an hourly rate.

Some simple touches and your sale and move are likely to be a much smoother process.