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Money-Saving Measures You May Not Have Thought Of

Sometimes we just plod on in the same old way not really thinking about what things are costing us. Occasionally, you need to stop and look and you may be surprised to find how many ways you could actually save some money.

Let’s Start With Your Home

There are so many ways you can save money in your home that most of them probably never even occur to you.

Don’t leave electrical items on standby, they are still using energy. Lower the temperature just 2 degrees on your heating. No one will notice but you will get a lower utility bill.

Change your light bulbs to LED, they are much more energy efficient and need replacing very rarely. They have a lifespan of over 10 years and do not give off toxins when they are disposed of. LED driving lights, which you can click here to read about, are also a good investment. They give you a better light for nighttime driving as well as being longer-lasting and more economical.

Want to save lots of money? Insulate your attic as you lose so much heat through there it costs you a fortune. It can also keep your house cooler in the summer as the sun blazes down on your roof. Replace open fires with closed log burners and then the heat will come into your home instead of up the chimney.

And so the list goes on. There are hundreds of ways you can save money on the running costs of your home and still keep it comfortable to live in.

Take a Close Look At Your Bank Statements

It is surprising how many people never check their bank or credit card statements. It is how people who have committed identity theft get away with it, sometimes for years. This has got worse with the advent of Internet banking as now many people do not have a paper statement in the post. You should check every item, make sure it is for the correct amount and that it is you that has spent the money.

Get Rid Of Subscriptions

Look at what subscriptions you are paying for and make sure they are still worthwhile. If you have stopped reading the books from the book club or stopped going to the gym you are paying for every month, cancel the subscriptions, as you obviously do not need them any longer.

Stop Buying A New Phone Every Year

You do not really need a new phone every year, as they will last longer than that. You might need to replace the battery, which you can find out about here, but other than that it is only impatience that makes us keep updating them. We all like to have the latest handset, but while you are trying to save some cash this is an expense you can do without.

Open A Savings Account

Open a savings account and every penny you save, put into it for just three months. When you see how the cash mounts up it will encourage you to continue, and probably make even more savings. This will be particularly true if you have never had a savings account before when you realize how good it feels to have some money stashed away.

Time to start building those riches!