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The Path to Hiring Full-time Employees

Hiring full-time employees takes a while for many businesses to do. Some are able to do it almost right away, but others need to be turning a decent profit before they’re able to hire people. It can be a slow road to hiring permanent employees, but there are a few things you might do to help your business make it possible. You might not hire a full-time, permanent employee as your first step, especially as there are some alternatives. But you don’t have to stick with outsourcing either, especially if you’re looking for someone to come and work with you in person.


Hire Someone Part-time

One option when you first start hiring people is to have part-time staff. You might only need someone to do something specific for a few hours a week. Perhaps you want someone to come in and do your bookkeeping and payroll, or some general office admin, for a couple of days each week. Or you might be looking for someone who can help out with marketing part-time. Whatever you need help with, a part-time employee can become a permanent member of your team but you can use their skills only when you need them most.

Start with Temporary Employees

Another possibility is to use temporary employees. This can be a particularly sensible choice if you find that sometimes you have a heavy workload, but you also have slow periods when you don’t need extra help. A temporary employee can help to fill the gaps during these times. It’s also possible to hire someone temporarily at first, but take them on permanently when their contract has finished. Your labour hire company might offer a temp to perm option that makes this easier. Hiring someone temporarily allows you to get a feel for them and decide if they’re a fit for your company.


Identify Where You Need Someone Most

Before you hire anyone, you should know who would be most useful. You don’t want to waste money on hiring people you don’t really need. Think about where you need the most help or which area you need to focus on to grow your business. Will hiring an office admit person free up your time so you can concentrate on bigger things? Perhaps hiring a marketing assistant will allow you to bring in the skills you need. What skills are you missing, or what tasks are taking up all your time?

Train Someone Inexperienced

If you’re looking for a less expensive way to hire someone, being willing to train someone who doesn’t have much experience could be key. If you take on an apprentice or paid intern, you could eventually have a permanent employee. They can learn on the job, and you get to start with a blank slate so you can show them the ins and outs of your business. If they’re willing to learn and you’re ready to help them, it could work out well for both of you.

You might not be ready to hire full-time employees just yet, but you can get there eventually. You might have to have a transitional phase to get to where you want to be.