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4 Types of Dog Eye Contacts to Keep Your Eyes Open For

The love that your dog feels for you is something that is rather immeasurable. You might find your dog gazing lovingly at you as a Disney Prince looks at a Disney Princess. Those long gazes may be conveying more than just undying love. Your dog’s eyes reflect and communicate a lot. You need only learn how to read what your dog’s eyes are telling to ensure a happy and safe life for your dog.

Simply by looking at a dog’s eyes, some pet parents are able to understand what the dog is trying to communicate. There are some tells that an inexperienced pet parent can look for. Online pet health advice can help you get an idea of these signs.

Happiness Highlighter

When your dog is happy, eye contact is usually minimum due to their movements. Even if they do look you in the eye you can see their eyes are wide and their pupils are slightly dilated. This shows that they are being attentive and is waiting for your next reaction. A happy dog feeds off of the energy of the owner. If you see that your dog’s pupils are becoming too dilated and they are panting too heavily it might be time to take a breather. You can also slightly pull down the lower eyelid to check the color of the lid and eyes. A bright red lower lid can mean that it is time for you to give your dog some rest.

Anxiety Alert

Another time when your dog will avoid eye contact at all costs is when they are afraid or anxious. Dogs assume a position where they lower their heads. At times closing their eyes. Dogs have adapted this pose to exhibit that they are in a non-threatening position. When you see your dog shying away from eye contact to the extent where they are closing their eyes, something is wrong. Either they have done something they should not have or they are feeling threatened by something around them.

At times while attending nature’s call your dog might look straight at you. It is a sign that your dog feels vulnerable. Since they feel that they are exposing themselves they seek the owner’s support to feel safe.

Curiosity Cue

When your dog is staring right at you with big wide dilated pupils, they are curious. This is an attentive position where your dog wants a cue from you. During training time this reading can tell you if your dog is being attentive or not. If you are not getting this eye contact then you might need to use a clicker or any attention grabber.

Aggression Attack

Most dogs shy away from prolonged eye contact. But when they feel threatened they choose to keep their eyes on the threat. Handling an aggressive animal requires an understanding of body language. Take as much online pet health advice as you can when handling an aggressive dog. Averting eye contact can make the animal feel less threatened. At the same time keep your eyes on the dog at all times.