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Ways to Save on Legal Fees

Many Australians will need to hire a lawyer several times over the years for various reasons. Perhaps you have run into legal trouble and need representation. You may need assistance preparing a will, getting a divorce or dealing other personal situations. Regardless of your current need for legal services, you understandably want to save as much money as possible while also getting the full support that you need from a skilled and experienced lawyer. There are a few tips that you can follow to minimise legal fees without sacrificing the quality of service that you receive.

Compare Fee Structures

You may think that all legal rates and fee structures would be fairly similar, but this is not the case. Some lawyers have a flat rate, and this rate varies. Others charge an hourly rate. With an hourly rate, the cost of your legal services will depend on the amount of effort your case requires. If you opt for an hourly rate, it is wise to ask an attorney for an estimate on the hours required so that you have a reasonable idea about total legal expenses going forward.

Do Some Legwork on Your Own

You are hiring a lawyer for a specific reason, but there may be a few tasks that you can complete on your own. This can keep hourly rate charges to a minimum. If you intend to do some of the work yourself under a flat rate structure, inform the lawyer of your intent upfront so that your legal fee will reflect your personal efforts.

Limit Communications

If you use the services of a lawyer who charges an hourly rate, be aware that the lawyer will keep a log of all hours worked on your case. This includes time spent speaking with you in meetings and on the phone. It also includes time spent responding to your emails. You can see that communicating more frequently with your attorney under an hourly rate fee structure can escalate the cost of your legal fees.

Regardless of whether you hire the legal team at Prime Lawyers or another legal team, it is important that you understand how legal fees are calculated and how different rate structures can affect your bill. While you understandably want to keep fees as low as possible, remember that it is also important that you hire a reputable and established law firm to represent you in any type of legal matter.