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7 Ways To Get Customers Returning

Successful business isn’t all about generating new customers – sometimes your old customers can be just as important. Return customers can help to provide you with an easy and steady income. They can also become advocates for your company and help to organically attract new customers by telling their friends about your services. If you want to get more customers coming back, here are just 7 tricks that you can use.

Offer amazing customer service

This one’s a little general – amazing customer service could include all manner of things – however it is worth mentioning considering that it’s one of the biggest things that will get people returning. If you make a customer happy, they’re more likely to use you again. Make sure that everyone has a pleasant experience by not only offering the service they asked for but going above and beyond to make them feel satisfied. Simple gestures such as smiling, wishing them a good day and throwing in little free extras can all make a difference.

Keep in contact with past customers via email/text

Once your customers have left, remind them of your amazing customer service by keeping in contact via text or email. You could keep them updates with news and promotions or simply ask them for feedback. Don’t use a messaging platform that can’t scale – avoiding common CRM mistakes like this will ensure that you can keep lots of customers updated in the future if your business grows.  On top of this, always seek permission before adding someone to a mailing list. Many people use application forms with tickboxes to ask for people’s consent.

Encourage customers to follow you on social media

You can also use social media to attract return customers. By encouraging customers to follow you on social media, you can then keep them updated with posts containing news and promotions. In fact, many consumers follow companies on social media for the sole purpose of staying in the loop in case they a new product or promotion tempts them to return.

Introduce a loyalty discount

Another ways to encourage return customers is to reward them with exclusive discounts. Many retail and food services introduce loyalty cards which can be stamped – after a certain number of stamps, a customer can then get a freebie. Another alternative this is a points system, in which a customer can build points on a card or on an online account and then spend these points in order to get a discount. Consider if any of these loyalty discount systems work for your business.

Advertise upcoming deals

Many companies advertise deals that are currently on, but you can also advertise future deals in order to get people returning. This could include advertising a summer deal in spring in order to build the excitement – your spring customers may then return in the summer. You could do this via various mediums including social media or simply putting up posters – whatever works for you company.

Build a customer app

Apps can also be great tools for encouraging return visitors. By urging customers to download your app, you’ll create a constant reminder of your business on their phone. Apps can also be used to add convenience for return customers such as providing an interactive catalogue or menu that’s quicker than using your company website or going into your store. Your app could even be used as a digital loyalty card. To build your app, you’re best seeking out an app development company that specialise in business apps. The cost of creating an app varies depending on the complexity – there are free app builders out there that can allow you to produce something basic and elite companies that charge thousands for something more unique and elaborate

Keep up with your competitors

Customers may not return if another company is offering better services at cheaper prices. Make sure that you’re keeping up with your competitors, otherwise you could start losing your loyal customers. Keep tabs on their social media and website to check what deals and products they’re offering. Don’t get too caught up trying to beat their prices – instead, try to single yourself out by offering more unique deals or more unique products that your competitors haven’t thought of.