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What Makes Customers Say “No, Thank You?”

Businesses need customers to spend money, so they want them to say one thing: “yes.” It’s a three letter word and one people use on a daily basis, yet shoppers are stubborn. To say they aren’t liberal with the phrase is an understatement. Before they say okay, they’ll fire off “um,” “ah” and “I’m not sure.”

It’s annoying because not getting the answer you want is a waste of money. So, businesses have to understand what makes them say that one golden word. Times change and so do people, which is why it’s tricky to get this right. However, below are the tips which work in this era.

Be Likable

It’s tempting to focus on the product or service, but the person selling is the key ingredient. Shoppers won’t buy anything from anyone who they dislike. Even if the item is miles ahead of the competition, they’ll dig in their heels because of an emotional connection. We’ll get into this more in the post, but the thing to remember for now is that your sellers need to be affable. Make sure they’re polite and smile when addressing people, and also encourage them to make jokes. Laughter is the best medicine, after all.

Do Them A Favor

Sometimes, you’ll see companies go the extra mile to please a customer. However, it’s not always for the business’ benefit. A referral to a competitor is money in their pocket and not yours. But, there is a method to the madness. By pointing them in the right direction, they owe you a favor in return. It’s not implicit in your actions, yet it’s the way of the world. They’ll feel guilty and to make up for it will use the company again. All you have to do is stay in their thoughts with subtle ads such as email marketing.

Don’t Be Part Of The Problem

Morality marketing is a huge deal in the 21st century. Consumers are as aware as ever of the things which they love and hate. Plastic pollution is probably the best illustration at the moment. Saving the planet is something shoppers want to do, so they can’t buy single-use plastics. Otherwise, they’re hypocrites and won’t be able to look themselves in the mirror. Resealable plastic bags offer a solution to the problem because they are recycled and ease their guilt. Paper bags are the way forward, especially if you re-plant seeds for the dead trees.

Cease Production

Why? Isn’t that a bad move? No, not if the product is outdated. When you look at the car industry, the manufacturers pull models out of production all of the time. Usually, it’s for money purposes but there is a marketing element. They know the vehicles which haven’t had any buzz in the past couple of years will fly off the lot. Humans are nostalgic and will spend money to save a favorite piece of their life. Plus, the time limit whips up excitement and increases demand.

What do you think turns customers off the most?