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Making Your Restaurant Feel Like Home

If you have recently opened up a new business dealing with food, or even if you have had a restaurant for a while but haven’t decorated it yet: today we are going to talk through some of the easiest ways to make your food establishment feel more comfortable and more like a home which will make people want to stay for longer and eat with you.

Choose a great carpet

It might sound like a strange way to start this article, but the carpet you choose for your restaurant or pub will have a massive effect on the atmosphere from the get go. For example if you chose a modern grey axminster carpet for the space your customers would feel as if they are in a modern home and you would attract the younger audience. A classic pub or restaurant will have a paisley style carpet which reminds us of the olden days, and having a wooden floor with a couple of rugs can bring a sense of country style to the space. Make a decision based on the kind of atmosphere you want in your eatery.

Bring in some green

Plants can make the world of difference when it comes to your design in the restaurant and it can turn a nice looking space into a homely one in a matter of seconds. Most people have plants somewhere at home, they can be used to fill spaces in the corner of a room and to bring a splash of colour and life into the room. You can also make a point to bring seasonal flowers onto each table throughout the year to make things feel even more cosy.

Make a local artists’ wall

A restaurant is more than just a place to eat, it is a place people want to stay and learn about and it is the best place for local people to enjoy a night out and talk about the area. You can play on this by bringing in a large feature wall either behind the bar or in a prominent area where different local artists can display their work for a month at a time throughout the year. You can even have prices on there so that they can make sales and you’ll be supporting these small businesses. It will make your restaurant feel much more like a public home than somewhere to grab a meal.

Add sofas and cushions

Every Home needs comfy seats and cushions to make it feel super cosy and warm in the winter months. You can bring in a cosy area in the corner of your restaurant where people can sit to have drinks and settle down after a big meal. It will make the place feel so much more homely and it will make people never want to leave.

Light the fires

Who can have a cosy living space without a roaring fire? At the end of the night in your restaurant get the fires roaring and the candles burning to make the space feel warm, cosy and just like home.