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Making Your Restaurant Staff Feel Valued

If you are running a busy bar or restaurant, you might be feeling like it is a constant struggle to find qualified people who are able to deliver the customer service you are expecting from your staff. Staff retention is a common problem of catering businesses, and engaging with your employees and making them feel valued is the only way you can manage your human resources better. Below you will find a few tips on how to look after your cooking and serving staff better.

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Make Staff Areas Feel Like Home

Your staff will spend long and stressful hours in the restaurant and they will need to do their job with a smile. This can put an extra pressure on them, and it is important that you help them get the rest they need in their break and provide a supportive environment. If you want to make your restaurant feel like home, not only for your guests, but also your staff, you will need to provide chillout areas where they can eat and converse in peace.

Allow Flexibility

One of the problems restaurant staff faces is the lack of work-life balance. If you can allow them to take time off when it is not busy and pay it back when you need the extra hands, you will become a more popular boss immediately. People have a life outside of work, and you can give them a chance to take care of their appointments or spend some quality time with their family when there are enough people already.

Look after Their Health

You will also have to take responsibility for the health and safety of your employees to make them feel appreciated and valued. Consider implementing a whs management system so you can manage the risks and let everyone in the organization know what they need to do to prevent illnesses and injuries. Make sure that you provide an in house training and appoint health and safety representatives.

Regular Training

It is also crucial that you train your staff and give them updated information on the company policies. Communication is one of the main weaknesses of failing restaurants, as you can see in the TV programs created by Gordon Ramsay. Make sure that you let your employees know about the changes as soon as you make a decision and listen to their input as well.

Career Development Plans

Many people consider working behind the bar or in a restaurant a dead-end job. If you would like to keep the best of your employees, you will need to offer them more than a stable job and fixed hours. Find a way to identify leadership potential and sit down with them to discuss their future plans. Offer internships and on-the-job training for hospitality management roles, and you can hold on to your talent for longer.

Running a business with a number of employees can be stressful. By looking after your restaurant staff, you can reduce your employee turnover and get a more committed workforce to look after your customers.