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Minimising the Chances Of Those Surprise Business Headaches

You can say many things about running a business, but at least it’s not boring. Whether things are going better than expected or you’ve hit a blip, there’s always something to keep you on your toes, including surprises. While some of these unexpected matters are welcomed, others you could happily live without. Those surprise business headaches are nearly enough to get you selling up and crawling back to your office job. But don’t take this approach! Just get smart. Below, we take a look at five common surprises, and what you can do to keep their impact to a minimum.

Hire Correctly

If you’re a small business, then your staff is going to have an unusually high level of influence over your company. In a team of ten or less, every employee is important! And that means that the people you hire have a chance to cause undue stress to your operations. An employee who brings bad vibes, lowers standards, or simply doesn’t pull their weight will severely affect your bottom line! While there’s only so much you can do once they’re on the team, you can prevent the problem from happening again by developing a robust hiring policy, one that ensures only the best candidates make it through.

The Support of Others

Try as you might, there will always be things that go wrong at your business. You can’t prevent those things from happening, but you can put yourself in the best possible position to take those issues in your stride by working with others. If you have a major maintenance issue, then that would have the potential to disrupt your business operations. If you work with an IT support company, however, the problem will be handled quickly – or even before it has any effect whatsoever. There are always problems related to businesses, but thankfully, there are always solutions, too.

Get Covered

Everything could be going swimmingly, but then there’s a massive storm, and your workplace floors, or the snow arrives and someone trips on your premises. We’ve seen before just how much of an impact these freak happenings can affect a business. If they happen to you, you’ll be relieved that you had the wisdom to buy extensive insurance coverage for your business. It’s not always the most exciting purchase you can make for your business, but it’s essential – just try to cope without it when something goes wrong.

Cash-Flow Issues

On paper, everything finance related can look fine. In reality, it’s a nightmare. What’s the problem? It all comes down to cash-flow. If you’re waiting too long for your clients to pay you, then you might be running seriously in the red once you’ve paid off all of your expenses. Get around this issue by focusing on improving your cash-flow, and not just how much money you have coming in. By the time it arrives, you might already be in trouble.

Finally, keep an eye on the future – you don’t want to be left behind once it arrives, and you realise you hadn’t prepared for it.