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Water Conservation Ideas To Try

Water is a huge cost in our adult lives. It is used for our showers, toilet, sink, baths, hose pipe, washing up, laundry and heating… and it costs a bomb throughout the year if we don’t watch our consumption. If you want to save some money at the tail end of this year ready for Christmas and beyond, here are some of the ways you can save money on water.

Use a float switch to stem the flow

A float switch is something which can be placed in the top of a water tank or supply which stems the flow and controls how much water can get out and be used. You can use float switches in your cistern for example to control and reduce the amount of water which can leave the tank when flushing the toilet and it makes the process much more cost effective and eco friendly.

Turn off the tap

Stop running the tap right now! If you are the kind of person who leaves the tap on as you brush your teeth in the morning, you need to get yourself out of this bad habit right away. There is nothing worse than water being wasted between rinsing because it is a small amount which can accumulate a lot during the year and become a big cost.

Hand wash what you can (including clothes)

When it comes to using different appliances in the home; two of the most expensive ones to use are the washing machine and the dishwasher. There is really no need to have a dishwasher in the house because you end up having to rinse the times before you wash them anyway, and it is easier to just scrub them yourself in the first place. When it comes to washing up your clothes, you could also save a little bit of water be handwashing your delicate items and saving them from being added into the wash. It will save you a lot of money and water at the same time.

Don’t waste washing up water

When you fill up your washing up bowl and wash everything you need to wash, the instinct is to immediately flush the water down the sinkhole without a second thought, but there is a better way to use your water. When you have a bowl of water which has been used for washing dishes, pour it into the garden. Let it pour over your plants to keep them watered and to deter any weeds and pests too.

Don’t fill the kettle

There is never a good reason to fill a whole kettle just for one cup of tea. Even if you might think it makes more sense to let more water become hot at the same time, the energy it uses and the water it uses outweigh any benefits. Make sure you only fill the kettle with what you need at the time and then you can always come back later for seconds or thirds.