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Can You Actually Make Money Playing Video Games?

Many people dream of being able to make money playing video games. Whilst there are definitely ways to make money out of gaming, it should come as no surprise that none of these methods are straightforward. Here are just four ways to earn an income out of video games and the steps you’ll need to take.

Online gambling

Online gambling games are a popular way to make money, although there is obviously no certainty. Whether you’re playing online slots or poker, the same rules apply – you should only ever bet as much as you’re willing to lose. There are tricks that can help you to maximise your potential profits and decrease your spending such as making use of free bets and using specific sites with fewer fees. Sites such as offer some great advice on the best places to gamble. You should always stick to credible sites.

Competitive gaming

Playing competitively for money may well be the hardest way to make an income from gaming. Paid competitive events are few and far between and tend to attract the most pro players. That said, if you are competent enough you can make huge earnings from the events. In the upper echelons the prize pools can extend into the millions – back in 2015, Dota 2 hosted an event with a prize pool of over $18 million, from which the winning team were awarded $6.6 million. Obviously, if you’re getting into competitive gaming initially you may want to start by entering local events first. Sites like can help you find events potentially worth taking part in.    


There’s a large community of gaming bloggers/vloggers that are make a killing. When it comes to blog content, it’s possible to make money writing reviews of games. There are small indie games out there willing to pay gaming bloggers for reviews. Meanwhile, simply owning a successful gaming blog could get you money through ad revenue – however to be doing this you need to be getting a lot of readers, which isn’t easy given how competitive the gaming blogosphere is. The same applies to vlogging, which involves creating video content instead of written content. Youtubers such as PewDiePie have made millions by doing walkthroughs and reactions largely off of ad revenue alone. This of course isn’t easy to achieve given the similarly vast swathe of gaming vlogs out there. That said, starting a blog or video channel is easy and something anyone can do. Bloggers may want to pay for an official domain name, whilst bloggers may want to invest in a good quality camera and video editing software.

Games testing

Video games testing really is a career for some people but unsurprisingly it’s highly competitive. On top of having a passion for video games, a knowledge of coding could come in handy, plus you’ll want to have good written communication skills for coming up with a detailed analysis of each game you test. Most people end up working for video game developers, although you may be able to make a money freelancing by testing indie games. Sites such as offer a more comprehensive guide on landing a job in this field.